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From: fdp
How much meat do you intend to do a year ?

From: RJ Hunt
Mine is the old cabelas commercial grinder and think is a 1hp. Works great but my buddy has the 1/2 go and hates it. I would get the biggest one you can run as makes the job all the easier… think like a 1.5hp or so

From: Trial153
Motor size to neck ratio is the most important consideration. A size 22 has to have at least a 1hp motor to push good amounts of meat though it without the neck heating up prematurely. A 32 neck needs -1.5. The larger the neck more waste you have per grind. If you’d going to use the grinder with tubes for stuffing a sausage consider a foot pedal. Better still consider a separate stuffer. No matter what stuffer you chose make sure you get SS tubes and not plastic.

From: Murph
My opinion would be to find an old one from the 50-60’s we use an old National weighs about 100lbs but only 1/2 horse still has the cloth cord and we’ve done beef and dozens of deer elk and antelope and have never bogged it down must be the gearing I guess but compared to the new cabelas type Ive been around it’s no comparison

From: HDE
Weston makes a good one. As mentioned, a 22 with a 1 hp motor. Anything else is a waste of money (and time).

From: peterk1234
I second the weston. I have had one now for three years. The speed at which I can grind 30 pounds of meat is staggering. Worth every penny. We probably grind 300 hundred pounds or so of meat a year.

From: milnrick
Look at the LEM BIG BITE, it's a beast. I believe ours us either 1/2 or 1 hp model.

I’ll second the LEM Big Bite. That thing is freakin’ amazing!

I have the Cabela’s 1HP, you almost can’t keep up with it. It’s grinds some serious meat

From: pav
Had my grinder for many regrets. It is a Cabelas 1.5hp with #32 plates. Also have the meat tenderizer attachment...which I use about as often as the grinder. Bought the mixer attachment and sausage stuffer attachments as well...but don't use those nearly as much these days.

From: x-man
LEM Big Bite

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