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KHNC 28-Aug-23
From: KHNC
Went down to my two SC properties saturday to mow trails and plots. 100 degs by 1p and very dry. It was dust bowl. Had dog fennel 8-9 feet high in my clover plots. Last year I kept it mowed and green. This year i let it grow for cover. Durana was doing pretty good once I mowed it all. I do have a lot more turkeys on the place this year over last. Maybe all the cover helped. Also have a lot more bucks vs does using it right now as well. I will get see soon and plant 3rd wkd of September for fall plots. Going with Coker Oats and Abruzzi Rye this year, overseeded in the clover. Anyone else doing any prep for fall plots in the South?

*PLOT mowing done

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