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Neil Summer Retiring
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JTreeman 29-Aug-23
Potro 29-Aug-23
Shug 29-Aug-23
Charlie Rehor 29-Aug-23
Kurt 29-Aug-23
Rgiesey 29-Aug-23
Guardian hunter 29-Aug-23
Buffalo1 29-Aug-23
bowonly 31-Aug-23
Mad Trapper 01-Sep-23
Curt Wells 01-Sep-23
From: JTreeman
I just got an Email from BSC that Neil is retiring. He wouldn’t know me, but was always cordial and helpful with question even when I didn’t book a hunt with him. I’m sure lots of guys here have many great memories thanks to Neil.

Damn, can’t edit titles and realized Summers got autocorrects to Summer, sorry about that…


From: Potro
Best luck for Neil I talked with him several times. He helps me with my 3 first trips to Africa. Nice person

From: Shug
Good for him.. but did ya see who’s stepped up.. my new best friend!!!

Pic won’t load… Adam Cramer

He’s hosted me on hunts and I’ve hosted him on a few Whitie hunts. Class act, admire him a bunch. Enjoy the rest as you have the past. C

From: Kurt
I've known Neil for 30 some years...good guy! Happy retirement to him!

Neil helped set up a very short notice bowhunt for me when I sent to Zambia for a work project in '96. Bowhunt was in Zimbabwe an hour south of Victoria Falls on John Lay's place. Wonder if John survived as a white farmer down there?

From: Rgiesey
Nothing but good to say about Neil! Wish him the best!

As cordial and chivalrous as the come. Booked my first african safari with him. Mark is a class act as well. G

From: Buffalo1
Wishing Neil the best for a long and enjoyable retirement. He is a prince of a gentleman.

From: bowonly
Congratulations to Neil. Met him in South Africa in 1994 after BSC setting up the trip. Just the start of using his services over the long years. As has been said, a fine gentleman. I can't begin to imagine all the successful bowhunting trips he has been responsible for arranging over all these years.

From: Mad Trapper
Good luck Neil on your retirement!

From: Curt Wells
Neil is a friend of mine and we hunted together in Australia and in Spain. It was always easy to see how Bowhunting Safari Consultants has been so successful for so many years. He's a fun guy and I enjoyed every minute in camp with him.

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