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Bear hunting vapes
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fuzzy 30-Aug-23
Lewis 30-Aug-23
wytex 30-Aug-23
fuzzy 30-Aug-23
roseforyou 20-Sep-23
DanaC 20-Sep-23
Jebediah 20-Sep-23
BC173 20-Sep-23
Bou’bound 20-Sep-23
drycreek 20-Sep-23
APauls 20-Sep-23
Hawken 20-Sep-23
Arrownoob 20-Sep-23
Groundhunter 20-Sep-23
Bigdog 21 20-Sep-23
fdp 20-Sep-23
fuzzy 26-Sep-23
Highlife 26-Sep-23
From: fuzzy
Gave up cigarettes awhile back and went to vapes for my nicotine addiction. Anyone ever considered vapes impact on bear hunting. You can get licorice, bacon, and all manner of fruity flavors/scents

From: Lewis
Fuzzy I heard that at least one bear liked cocaine lol Lewis

From: wytex
Man, those flavors are what messes up your lungs but I would think they might come check you out in the stand, lol. If they made one that you don't have to pull on to get smoking might be great idea. The vapors do dissipate fast though.

From: fuzzy
You can actually blow thru the charger /vent on the disposable types

From: roseforyou
That's an interesting angle you've brought up on bear hunting and vapes! First off, congrats on giving up cigarettes; switching to vapes is a step in the right direction. Now, the impact of vapes on bear hunting is something I haven't considered before, but it's intriguing. I've read that bears have an incredible sense of smell, and some of these vape juices like licorice, bacon, and fruity flavors could be pretty tempting or misleading to a bear, depending on how you look at it.

If you're in the market for a new vape, you might want to check out thebest vapes 2023 by Innokin. They have a range of options that provide excellent flavor and nicotine satisfaction, so maybe you could find one that's bear-friendly, or at least not bear-attracting!

From: DanaC
Wasn't so long ago that incense sticks were all the rage for hunting. "Ten Miles Of Dead Fish" was for bears as I recall. Got a vape that smells like that?


From: Jebediah
Tried one of those incense sticks (from Tinks!). Fell asleep leaning against my tree. Woke up and—bam!—I’m wearing a bandanna and tie-dyed shirt, with an overwhelming urge to vote for Bernie Sanders. Crazy.

From: BC173
Vaping is just as bad as cigarettes. Quit by any means possible. You’ll be glad you did.

From: Bou’bound
you have two concerns. your health and bear sightings.

prioritize wisely.

From: drycreek
Jebidiah, did you move to Vermont (or wherever that crazy sob is from) ? ;-)

From: APauls
Just burn a scent stick.

From: Hawken

No wonder the country is in trouble!!

From: Arrownoob
I use “rutting buck” suboxone and as a cover scent “turpentine kratum.” I will report back once they release me from this ward.

From: Groundhunter
I have 3 buds. All late 60s, all have COPD, and it's sad. My doctor said have an occasional cigar, but Vaping is not good. I hope the best for you. Stay well

From: Bigdog 21
It will pin point you. Look right at you. Then who knows? ;-) ;-)

From: fdp
Jebediah....that's funny.

From: fuzzy
I'm touched by the honest concern for my health. Thanks for the opinions. "Ten miles of dead fish" sounds like something you'd smell in an urban street setting.

From: Highlife
Cecil " ten miles of dead fish" you use that in your stand and the wind blows the wrong way it'll be ten miles of dead Fuzzy just saying lol

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