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Late Cancellation BC Hunt
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ShoshoneAdventure 01-Sep-23
Rob in VT 02-Sep-23
ShoshoneAdventure 04-Sep-23
Yes - it's expensive and Yes - it's last minute, but we have a cancellation hunt for giant Canadian moose right up against the Yukon border if anyone is interested. Dates are 9/20 to about 10/1 out of Muncho Lake, BC. Lots of logistics and pricing info but the base price is $15k plus charter/expenses. You also have the option of a professional videographer for the entire hunt for another $2k. DM for details and I will discuss the pricing and logistics with you over the phone.

From: Rob in VT
How’s the fires in that area? Any road closures for a drive up from the states?

No, and No...all systems go.

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