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Any tips on 16E
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Drew this unit due to adding to friends app and used the wrong hunt code any info would be great.

From: butcherboy
Hunt where the elk are. Hope this helps.

Good advice. I do this and it works well.

From: pirogue
One tip, when you ask for a tip, is let people know what state you’re talking about.

I apologize i created an account and thought i was in the New Mexico forum sorry for the misunderstanding

From: Oryx35
What hunt do you have? 16E is a tough hunt to come in unprepared. If it's dry, I personally would sit water. If it's wet, watch the roads and pay attention to where you camp. A lot of that muck turns into truck-eating soup. I've seen more than one truck buried to the frame out there.

From: Pop-r
Anyone knows where 16E is without naming a state. Lol

From: fuzzy

From: HDE
How do you use the wrong hunt code when attaching to a friend's application?

From: Matt
“Anyone knows where 16E is without naming a state.”

Is there a unit 16E in any state other than New Mexico?

There are 2 mountain ranges and road access is limited. Be prepared to hike and don’t overlook lower elevations around the base of the range to the east (don’t recall the name).

From: Coyote 65
Hunted 16D many moons ago, all the advice I got was go high. I did, did not find any elk, Was camped down low. Overslept one morning and as I was headed back up to the peaks, ran into elk where they were not supposed to be. Did get a shot at a really good bull but blew it. So check out the low areas too.


From: fuzzy
So this is about elk hunting in New Mexico?

From: Big John
Wear some good boots, rocks are ankle of luck

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