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The big Dan elk blast
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DConcrete 04-Sep-23
Scoot 05-Sep-23
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Patdel 05-Sep-23
ElkNut1 05-Sep-23
Medicinemann 05-Sep-23
wilbur 05-Sep-23
Bowfreak 05-Sep-23
LUNG$HOT 05-Sep-23
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12yards 05-Sep-23
ElkNut1 05-Sep-23
Lewis 06-Sep-23
From: DConcrete
I remember from Dans interview, he performed and discussed the blast. If I remember correctly, He used this when elk wouldn’t respond to his calls. Has anyone used this method with success?

From: Scoot
I remember him talking about it, but I can't remember what it sounded like.

Is there a YouTube link out there?

From: ElkNut1
I haven't heard the podcast but I will say I use a very aggressive nasally scream or aggressive loud lip bawl at times in those quiet times to muster up a shock bugle from bulls I feel are within earshot but not responding to regular locator bugles.

Too, don't discount a cow bugle as well, it can be just what the doctor ordered when bulls will not respond to anything else. It has worked for me for years now. If one thing isn't getting it done try another!


From: Patdel
Its been a long time since i heard Dan talk about that, but if i remember right, its the same thing as the nervous or popping grunt that elk nut talks about...he just calls it something different.

Basically a show yourself sound hung up elk do when they are expecting to see another elk and dont.

In my limited experience its pretty important to do it before they do.

Best of my recollection.

From: ElkNut1
OK, Jeff, I have that sound here at home, I'll try & share it here for you. If you have the App it's under Calls & you can listen to it there. Not to techy but I'll try.


From: Medicinemann
Elknut, Don't be surprised if you get haunted by Big Dan for suggesting a cow elk call of any kind....let alone a bugle! LOL

From: wilbur
Pat has a great audio recording of Big Dan answering a bunch of questions and giving a tutorial on elk hunting. Perhaps he can post it again.

From: Bowfreak

Bowfreak's Link
Here is the interview question and Dan's response. You can hear the blast here.

Many elk hit the dirt because of that interview.

From: Grey Ghost
I've always called that sound a bark. In my experience, it usually means the bull is getting nervous, and/or confused. They vary the volume of it just like other vocalizations. I generally never like to hear that sound because it usually doesn't end well.

I couldn't agree more about loving when a bull cuts my bugle off with his own. You know you have him pissed off and likely coming in then.


From: 12yards
I thought Dan used the Hoochie Mama exclusively.

From: ElkNut1
Jake, no worries there, there's no cow sounds in that tactic, all bull. But you're probably right! (grin)


From: Lewis
Great thread Dan showed me that whatever you want to call it in Kalispell which was cool I did use it and I killed elk but what is so funny he and his family were visiting us in Homestead Florida and we got into a a little demonstration and we always wondered what my neighbors thought Lewis

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