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From: Pyrannah
i have been STRUGGLING with elk hunts and outfitters on two separate hunts. one in montana and one in colorado

now currently looking specifically for wyo general tag and arizona with 12 points. can you guys provide some outfitter recommendations for me to start looking at and researching?will probably be wyo 2026 and az 2028

thanks for any help you can provide

From: Bowfreak
What type of hunt are you looking for and what is your budget?

From: WapitiBob
Depends on which WY region gen license and at your AZ point level I'm guessing you're looking for a late hunt.

From: Pyrannah
would certainly prefer early in arizona if i have to wait longer for a better hunt so be it..,

i'm ok with any type hunt, would prefer private ground back in the country (not a cabin resort), i'm not very concerned with budget right now

grizz kind of freaks me out a bit though lol

From: KHNC
I have a friend that is a damn good outfitter in Arizona. Larry Johnson is his name. Sundowner Guide Service 661 428 1993. Their success rate is phenomenal.

From: KHNC

KHNC's Link
Website for Sundowner

From: KY EyeBow
PM sent

From: Mule Power
There is no reason you can’t march up a mountain with a Wyoming general license and kill a bull. And on your own too. No guide needed.

From: RonP
more than a year ago i tried getting in touch with wyo outfitters. they're not the most skilled bunch at communication and i began to think they went extinct.

i reached out to the outfitters association and spoke to a helpful lady. she passed along my contact information and i had a few phone calls or emails. most simply mailed a brochure.

the few i spoke with two stood out. one was absaroka ranch out of dubois the other was elk mountain outfitters (not the same or affiliated with the corner crossing) out of wheatland.

i have not hunted with either of these outfits so i have no personal experience but, they might be worth looking into. at a minimum, they know how to dial a phone and talk with a prospective customer.

From: wytex
Elk Mt Outfitters are good folks, Wakkuri family. Tyler Sims is good also. No grizz takes the NW corner out in Wyoming. Backcountry and private are not real easy to find in Wyoming. Spur Outfitters and WyCon maybe out of Saratoga.

I thought you are in Wyo chasing your G bow buck Joe??

Maybe get in on one of those Arizona Outfitters that offer the ZeroFee membership and go that way Pyrannah?

Good luck, Robb

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