AK Plane Crashes
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KB 13-Sep-23
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Thornton 13-Sep-23
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From: KB
I haven’t been in Alaska all that long and plane wrecks aren’t terribly uncommon up here, but man it seems like a tough couple months. Reports that Congresswoman Peltola’s husband died in one this morning. That’s at least six with fatalities since Jim Tweto’s this summer I think. Hope it’s the last one we hear about for a long while with plenty of sheep, moose and caribou missions still going on this fall.

From: smarba
Dang it!

From: LBshooter
How sad that Jim twerp died Ina crash. Watched his show, flying wild Alaska I think was the name of it., saw him hit landings and take offs on some sketchy runways and made it look easy. He was building a retirement cabin so he could enjoy the wild, how sad he no longer can. Rip.

From: Thornton
Jim hit a small tree on takeoff.

Lost a great pilot last year named Bell out of Soldatna. RIP

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