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Looking for 2025 Moose Hunt Suggestions
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Bou’bound 13-Sep-23
MA-PAdeerslayer 13-Sep-23
Shug 13-Sep-23
Ranger66 13-Sep-23
Bou'bound 17-Sep-23
Ogoki 17-Sep-23
Tater 18-Sep-23
extremevft1 19-Sep-23
dhaverstick 19-Sep-23
From: Bou’bound
Not Alaska/Yukon unfortunately. Something in Alberta or Newfoundland.

I am looking into a moose hunt in Alberta for 2025. Any recommendations or possibilities there? If you could provide me an additional information on the recommendations for such a hunt it would be helpful. I would be looking for two spots, for my son and me. I have reached out to Mike U for info already.

Could also look at Newfoundland. I have been 9 times , but my outfitter could not book us again until 2026, which we took. I want 2025 as well if there is a decent operation to consider. What do you suggest for Newfie moose. I am very familiar with the big players out there but your thoughts would be appreciated. We may consider going in 2025 with a new (for us) outfitter, knowing we are going back the next year in '26 with our longstanding option.

Sounds like some great years coming up Bou! Unfortunately I got nothing but I’m staying tuned because I’m also interested in Newfie around/slightly after 2026

From: Shug
Ryk Visser has some great reasonable hunts

From: Ranger66
Mike’s Outfitting (if he has spots available). Not for trophies but from my experience he and his crew are top shelf. Alberta Bound.

From: Bou'bound
Any thoughts on effords in Newfoundland ? Or rays?

From: Ogoki
Bou, I have nothing to help you but ,,,,, I worked a lifetime , invested well and now it's playtime . Seems like everything I want to do is sold out 3-5 years. It's crazy . I guess boomers have the money and when we can't go due to age or whatever ,what's going to happen ? The younger guys i know just are not into hunting and fishing . Hey not complaining ,just an observation . I can do my Ontario fishing and canoe trips ,but like to throw some hunting in besides deer and Ontario black bear. My Best Ogoki

From: Tater
I hunted fall bear with Roger at Buck Lake Adventures in Newfoundland . Saw lots of moose. Check him out. Also bear hunted with another outfitter that wasn’t all that great. PM me if you like.

From: extremevft1
I will second Ryk Visscher in Alberta, great guy and great outfit!

From: dhaverstick
I cannot say enough good things about Ryk Visscher. I will be hunting with him again next week.


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