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Sighting in at altitude?
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Jasper 18-Sep-23
Glunt@work 18-Sep-23
BTM 18-Sep-23
Tilzbow 18-Sep-23
Matt 18-Sep-23
HUNT MAN 18-Sep-23
Jasper 18-Sep-23
RonP 19-Sep-23
wytex 19-Sep-23
Grey Ghost 19-Sep-23
DonVathome 19-Sep-23
WV Mountaineer 19-Sep-23
GFL 19-Sep-23
smarba 19-Sep-23
From: Jasper
Sighted in at 1000 feet in Georgia. Just got to Cody, 5000 feet and shot a few arrows at 20…all about 4” high. I’ve got all day tomorrow to shoot before we head in Wednesday and hunt around 7K. I take it this is normal with thinner air and I just need to change my pins? Thanks!

From: Glunt@work
At 20 yards, 4" isn't due to thinner air. Need to adjust regardless but something else changed.

From: BTM
I agree with Glunt. However, once you fix that problem and get around to adjusting for thinner air, Randy Ulmer has a great idea: back out your limb bolts a bit. That way you won't need to move your pins. Start with 1/4 turn, then shoot at 20 and 60. Back off another 1/4 if necessary.

From: Tilzbow
What Glunt said, no way 4” at 20 yards is due to elevation. You wouldn’t be off that far at 80 yards with only a 4,000 foot increase. Better check your peep position and also make sure your broadheads are still flying true and hitting with your field points to validate your tune didn’t change..

From: Matt
Your bow got knocked in transit. Figure out what moved, probably smart to make sure all the various bolts on your bow/accessories are tight.


From: Jasper
Thanks guys, double checking everything now

From: RonP
curious if you got this straightened out and what the issue was?

From: wytex
Good luck on the hunt and hope you brought some cooler weather clothes, cool front coming. I agree 4 inches is not elevation related.

From: Grey Ghost
Yeah, 4" at 20 is not due to elevation. I agree with Glunt, hopefully the peep just slid up the string a little.

If you don't already, after your bow is tuned, it's alway a good idea to mark the positions of your peep, rest, sight, and cams. I use a white paint pen. That way, it only takes a quick visual check to make sure nothing has moved.


From: DonVathome
Zero chance it is elevation. I mark my peep on my string so I know if it moves. I also mark my sights. Were you wearing heavy/thick clothes?

I super glue my peep and kisser button. No need for a paint pin.

From: GFL
I live in Georgia and I’m at 10k now. I have never had to adjust sight.

From: smarba
Agree with everyone else: 4" is too much at only 20-yards. Also echo BTM's quote of Randy Ulmer's suggestion to account for thinner air as necessary, once you resolve the major shift issue.

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