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Next level vacuum sealer
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IdyllwildArcher 20-Sep-23
TEmbry 20-Sep-23
M.Pauls 20-Sep-23
Treeline 20-Sep-23
midwest 20-Sep-23
Nick Muche 20-Sep-23
JTreeman 20-Sep-23
APauls 20-Sep-23
Murph 20-Sep-23
midwest 20-Sep-23
It's a PITA to vacuum seal an entire animal, especially on your own, using an old school vacuum sealer.

I've seen the nicer ones where you basically throw your stuff in the bin and wham-bam, thank you ma'am, it's done. And on you go.

These things have been much more expensive, but it appears they're going down in price.

Does anyone have a really nice vacuum sealer? I'm looking for tips and recommendations. What do you have? How much is it? What are the pros vs cons?

I want to buy once-cry once and have something that I will appreciate having for years.

P.S. Off-topic, but I hate going to random websites and asking questions of people I don't know, so I like to do it here and I know there's some gun-enthusiasts on this website who I at least know from my years here. I'm looking for someone who has a fair amount of knowledge about @R fifteens, if you don't mind sending me a PM so I can ask some questions. I may get a bunch of PMs, so please don't be offended if I don't get back with you. Thanks.

From: TEmbry
I’ve had a cabelas chamber sealer for 8 years now with no complaints. I’ve never had it act up yet. There are nicer ones out there but I could buy this one 4 times before hitting the price of the “best”. Any chamber sealer will give far better performance than the front vac style.

From: M.Pauls
I had a chamber vac too. Worked really well. I had a vacmaster VP210. It’s not super fast, as it always took about 30 seconds for it to get the air out of the chamber. In the end, I convinced myself to get rid of it, and just go to a higher end suction type model for speed, and also the chamber vac was just huge and heavy making it a pain to move around the house. Honestly, wish I would’ve never gotten rid of it, because as much of a pain as it was, it was an awesome unit. I should’ve just had both styles. My guess though is that if I had both, the suction model would still get a ton of use just for shear convenience

From: Treeline
Gonna be watching this one. Have worn out a lot of vacuum sealers over the years…

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
My gf’s brother got one of these a couple years ago and has had no issues. He vacs a lot of venison and specialty meats.

From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's Link
Screaming deal on this one...

From: JTreeman
This thread sucks.


From: APauls
If anyone needs some bags for a chamber vac I accidentally bought like 250 of them and they don't work in my peasant style vac...

From: Murph
Meat your maker is a great machine possibly a higher price point then the others but not considerably more, and it seems to have a larger reservoir then some gallon bags are no issue

From: midwest


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