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Best way to carry lone wolf stand and st
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From: Bigwoods
I have the older, longer lone wolf sticks and lone wolf assault. It packs just fine until I add my backpack and then it's a bit of a pain. Any suggestions out there for the best way to pack this?

Thank You!

From: wv_bowhunter

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This guy has a pretty good system. He is now using a beast stand with the long lone wolf sticks. He used to use the lone wolf stand with the same system.

From: JTreeman

JTreeman's embedded Photo
JTreeman's embedded Photo
This is how I do mine. It’s the harness of an Alice pack I think. No waist belt is not ideal, but you could get one too. If it’s a really serious hike I take my other lone wolf and use a Kifaru duplex frame with their load sling. The duplex frame will handle more than you can and is way comfortable. But this little system is pretty slick for medium stuff and way cheaper.


I have the same set up and use a pack frame. I really like it.

From: Groundhunter
Tree Stand Transportation System

Got mine from XOP. Works great

From: Basil
I also have the XOP system. Works pretty slick for carrying a stand only. Poorly made. Had to have part of it repaired right away. Stitching let loose. Still doesn’t help much with a pack & sticks.

From: Scrappy
If you already elk hunt and have a good pack you already have a good system. Like stated above it will haul more than you can and do it comfortably. It's what I do anyway.

From: APauls
I’ve hauled stands using nearly every system. I have straps like guys above that I don’t even use. For me, the best and by a long shot is the Mystery Ranch Pop Up series pack. I have the pop up 15 I think which has been discontinued, but the 40 or whatever they still have would work the same just have more room. It is by far the easiest to throw the stand between pack frame and bag, fully secure and travel dead quiet. Lash sticks on the outside and go. Takes about 3 mins to pack up or pack down. It’s head and shoulders better than what Sitka attempted to create for that purpose. Bought and sold Sitka tool bucket or whatever it was. Also used Eberlestock, Kuiu, and straps themselves. That’s been my experience anyways.

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