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Bugle/reed alternatives
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Scoot 27-Sep-23
Ambush 27-Sep-23
Scoot 27-Sep-23
Bow Bullet 27-Sep-23
wytex 27-Sep-23
Gib 27-Sep-23
808bowhunter 27-Sep-23
Hessticles 27-Sep-23
Bowaddict 27-Sep-23
T-rex 27-Sep-23
Bob H in NH 27-Sep-23
LUNG$HOT 28-Sep-23
From: Scoot
I've got a buddy who can not use a reed call. We've tried to help him and he's just terrible- can't figure it out. What are bugle alternatives for him, given that he can't use a reed call? I think the "Select-a-bugle" and the "power bugle" are options. What's the easiest/best option for someone like my buddy?

From: Ambush
First, we should establish the difference between “reed” and “diaphragm” calls.

To me, a reed call has a hard plastic strip on a base, like a typical duck call. A diaphragm call has a soft latex either in your mouth or stretched over a tube.

I have a hard time making good bull elk sounds with a diaphragm, but pretty good at cows. I’m just happy that bulls aren’t very good callers either :)

From: Scoot
Ambush-- yup, you caught me with sloppy verbiage. My buddy can't use a diaphragm call for his life. I didn't mean reed call (cow call). My bad.

So, I'm looking for bugle options that don't use a diaphragm. In addition to the ones I mentioned, I think elk101 has one called "The Conqueror" (I think).

From: Bow Bullet
Maybe something like an Elk Inc. Power Bugle or a Primos Terminator.

From: wytex
^^^^^, I use a Power Bugle and it sounds great.

From: Gib
I use a primos , older one don’t remember the name of it ? But , it uses a silicone reed over the end, it lasts a heck of a lot longer than the latex in my opinion,,, and the reason I switched to it my wife worked for a dentist and found out she had latex allergies which can do really bad things to you,,, I just found out after using both the latex and the silicone, the latex dries out long before the silicone ever does,

From: 808bowhunter
I’m a huge fan of diaphragm calls. I can cow call/bugle in an instant. Used to have the elk Inc one years ago and it make’s perfect bugles. Too perfect in my opinion. Elk all have unique tones and a diaphragm call give some realistic uniqueness. Your buddy has 11 months to master the sounds!

From: Hessticles
I can't use a mouth Reed to save my ass because I use to have fake teeth on a flipper and I feel like it messed with the roof of my mouth. I have really liked the berry thunder bugle, an external Reed. The tube is small and nasally but I took the mouthpiece off and mounted it to a bigger tube(I think born and raised) and it sounds better in my opinion

From: Bowaddict
Power bugle with thick bands and I doctor it up with moleskin on inside at end of tube, and electrical tape around outside end of tube. This gets rid of the metallic ringing sound you can get from these types of calls that will give you away! I can put more pressure on reed to get a little higher pitch if I want and a good “breathy’ finish like real bulls. I can growl, chuckle and sound like a brute, or like your typical solid satellite bull with this setup.

From: T-rex
Check out the Phelps EZ Bugler. I bought one just to try out and it's pretty good.

From: Bob H in NH
Power bugle is easy to learn. Though for the life of me I can't chuckle with it.

I also oull the mouth piece and use a diaphragm

Two in 1

Try the Berry Thunder Bugle! My 8yo daughter can bugle with that thing.

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