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medium clover, not crimson
Whitetail Deer
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flyingbrass 28-Sep-23
Nyati 28-Sep-23
goyt 29-Sep-23
Pat Lefemine 29-Sep-23
From: flyingbrass
I'm planting more medium red clover in some of my mixes. I've had great luck with the white clovers but I'm adding the red to stretch the dollar and for variety. I'm talking red clover and not crimson clover like on the highway right of ways.

From: Nyati
I’ve mixed red and /or medium red clover in with white clover plots for close to 20 years just for variety and diversity . Deer like it

From: goyt
I added a perennial red clover to all of existing and new legume plots. Seems to work out fine.

From: Pat Lefemine
Red/Medium red will out compete your white/ladino. It is a strong perennial that establishes less slowly than white but it needs maintenance just like any other perennial clover. I have not seen good persistence over time compared to other clovers.

Crimson is annual and grows fast, can reseed in some areas of the country. Lately I am planting more annual clovers at my place in Ohio. I really like Crimson, and this year I'm trying Mammoth Red annual clover. Will let you know how it performs.

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