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OMeals Self Heating Meal
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'Ike' (Phone) 28-Sep-23
DonVathome 29-Sep-23
bowhunt 29-Sep-23
Live2Hunt 29-Sep-23

'Ike' (Phone)'s Link
Anyone tried these? Look pretty good, 2oz of water needed….

OMEALS are produced using the highest quality ingredients, patented packaging systems, and lightweight materials so you can throw them in your gear and forget about them until you’re ready for a hot meal at the end of a tiring day.

From: DonVathome
No but I have tried similar, weight is important to me so I use freeze dried. If I want something to eat at main camp I buy canned ravioli, they fit perfectly in a jetboil, crack lid and heat. Takes 15 minutes or more but cheap, easy and good. Shorter trips things like this can be a good option because you do not need a stove & fuel.

From: bowhunt
I looked at the link.

The turkey chili is only 200 calories per package. Pasta fagii is 190 calories, and each package is $10.

Calling it a meal seams like a bit of a stretch at that size, seems like a really expensive small snack

From: Live2Hunt
I have used the military MRE's that have the heating pouch in them. I have used them deer hunting and steelhead fishing. It is pretty nice to have a warm meal when you are in the elements. A tiny bit of water, place the food in the pouch and wala.

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