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Best waterproofing for synthetic boots?
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Sivart 29-Sep-23
Sivart 01-Oct-23
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Tilzbow 01-Oct-23
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Velvet Muley 03-Oct-23
From: Sivart
I have Lowa Renegades. They have done ok, but they finally wetted out. Will that crispi spray work?

From: Sivart
anyone? curious if the leather waterproofing cream will work for synthetic boots?

From: nchunter
Snoseal works pretty good. Crispi waterproofing cream also does a good job but more expensive

From: Blood
I have the Crispi spray. I think it works well to help shed water and keep the synthetic fabric from absorbing a lot of water. Just soak it and let it dry.

From: fdp
Essentially any product made to waterproof synthetic material. Scotchgard, Camp Dry, or lots of others.

You will have to reapply it periodically depending on how often you get them wet.

From: Tilzbow
The Renegade upper is nubuck leather and Nikwax makes a waterproofing product specifically for nubuck leather. It works well.

From: g5smoke21
I used crispy spray on a pair of crispi colorados in New Zealand this April. Didn't do a thing. I treated them multiple times prior to hunting and within 1 hr of being on the mountain for my tahr hunt my feet were soaked. Fog kept rolling in and out and really wetting the grass on the mountain. Was wearing gaiters and the uppers were fine

From: cnelk
You can make your own waterproofing. Silicone caulking and mineral spirits. Google it

From: Mule Power
Onenaufs or Nik Wax. I live Onenaufs but Nik Wax doesn’t need a hair dryer to melt it in so in camp I use Nik Wax when it’s really wet out. You can apply it to wet boots too.

From: Beendare
I’ve been doing as Cnelk recommends for years…extends the life of favorite cordura boots for years…..mix it very thin, watery…too thick and it peals off.

From: Sivart
Is Nik Wax basically the same as Sno seal?

From: fdp
NikWax is a brand. You have to look at the specific product you are going to use and compare to the other product to know.

From: Teeton
Snow seal is more like onenaufs. Not like nikwax.

What are the renegades made of, cordura or nubuck? If nubuck if used the nikwak for nubuck with good results on my Old cabela's Mendel Perfect hiker. But have switched to Danner boot dress. Really darkens the leather, but seems to work well.

From: Velvet Muley
Your better off buying full leathers for really wet conditions and using the synthetics for the more dry conditions, that's what I ended up figuring out. Spray only goes so far on sythetics.

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