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hunting ethics.
Whitetail Deer
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A couple years ago I was reminded of proper ethics I have been hunting a small wood lot for years . I normally set up in the same spot. on one particular day I chose to set up in a slightly different spot sat and watched for about two hours. When I detected foot falls I turned and observed another hunter approaching. He explained that he had a tree stand within sight. Rather than expressing anger he said he had to go to work . He invited me to sit tight as he might spook something my way. He also invited me to park just off his driveway in the future . For my part I stick to my typical spots. I wish we could all be as nice.

From: Bou'bound
You won’t find him on this site

From: Groundhunter
Lots of nice guys here. One year, one of my land partners, said a guy was set up on our SE corner. (2 days before gun opener). I said well we never marked it we'll, easy fora guy to come off public. I went down there, met the guy. He did not realize it, setting up for himself and 13 year old son. I told him 6 guys would be hunting north of them. We had plenty of land,so I told him to stay where he was, will work it out after season. Just wait till after hours for recovery. He said, mister that's awful generous of you. I said, just get your kid a buck, come to our camp when you want. The kid got a buck, we all became friends, and he hunted that spot, for a few years, till they got there own spot. I grew up with very little, worked for alot of Jack wad land owners, selfish prices. I feel good giving back once I. Awhile.

From: Jack Harris
Had that been me knowing his driveway was nearby I would vacate that area and give him the space he deserves for a variety of reasons. He was a gentlemen and lives nearby, nor would I want to be hunting that close to someone else. I think he just gave a gentlemen’s hint you should pick up on and was a class act. I do not think it was an open invitation (but I could be wrong). Just saying I’d that were me I would move even further away and not take him up on his offer.

From: fuzzy
I've met and hunted with over two dozen Bowsiters. All great guys, and gals. Almost every one generous, helpful and competent in the field.

From: Bigdog 21
Take him up on offer. You may be making a good friend. I am like him I would not mind if you hunted around me if there's room. I met my best hunting and fishing buddy for the last 20 years by allowing him to hunt with me.

From: goyt
Seeing that the encounter happened a few years ago, I am curious what has transpired since then. I think that the offer from the local to park near his driveway was a great way for the local to know if greenmountain was out hunting. It is great when hunters can be polite to each other when sharing the same hunting ground.

From: DonVathome
Great thread!

I had health problem that kept me out of the woods this fall . I never did park in his yard. I do share my trail cam pictures with him before this fall and he sends hunting reports. We were friends before and after the incident. I still set up in my usual spots and he knew where they were because I told him.

From: Brotsky
You get back the energy you give in these encounters. I've made many friends and helped many people on hunts through that approach. I'm always friendly and helpful, until you're an a-hole, then good luck to you.

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