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New Bino harness
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From: Sivart
For those who have used multiple models, which do you prefer and why?

I primarily backcountry hunt, so I like it light and simple, but also like the shoulder straps to be comfortable.

Is there a lighter, simpler model than the Stone Glacier? Although that one is so simple, maybe it's not as comfortable?


From: JTreeman
Marsupial is what I generally recommend.


From: Willieboat
2nd the Rick Young outdoors simple effective.

From: Groundhunter
Rick Young system

From: fdp
Hate all of tnem....

From: nvgoat
Another vote for Rick Young system

Marsupial gear hands down. Full coverage of your binos prevents debris from getting in, lots of accessory pouch options and the ability to mount a holster under the bino harness. Another big “pro” is that it’s super easy to unclip your binos to hand them to someone else to glass. Pretty easy to make someone’s day in a national park or other viewing area when they can watch whatever cool animal through binos.

From: Sivart
the stone glacier model is literally have the weight of the other harnesses. I'm having trouble looking past that.

From: Twinetickler
I've tried a lot of them and my vote also goes to Marsupial. Never tried Rick Young.

From: Sivart
I have a Rick Young. It's not what I'm looking for.

From: MathewsMan
I still use the Crooked Horn style which has the leather back piece and the 4 1” straps.

I only bowhunt and the bag type front systems just seem a bit too much stuff for shooting.

I keep a rangefinder on my belt as well as a paddle holster with a 10MM pistol…Brown Bears.

From: TJS
Neoprene bino cover from Rick Young along with his harness works well for me!

Yep, Ricky Young is the cats meow.

From: Patdel
Check out FHF gear.

From: Orion
The marsupial or Kifaru are the only ones I use. Both are solid. Friends like the one made by Alaska Guide Creations.

From: peterk1234
Alaskan gear guide. I like the fact that it is a stiff case. Makes for easy one hand operation. Residual when there is a bow in your other hand.

From: RonP
"I primarily backcountry hunt, so I like it light and simple,..."

i am the same way and figured out some time ago that a chest pack wasn't for me. i see some of the things hunters wear or carry and i do not know how they do it. to each their own.

i like 8 x 32 (or 30) binos that weigh less than 20 ounces. an example is the new zeiss sfl 8x30 at 16 ounces. the 10x40 only weigh 22 ounces. there are quite a few other options from different manufacturers.

most come with a padded neck strap and if not, you can buy one. i tuck mine under my jacket or mid layer when moving.

they're relatively easy to carry without a chest pack and you can shave about 2# off the total weight you're packing. i think if more people tried a good quality 8x32 or 30 they'd realize they give up very little in performance.

My $.02.

From: butcherboy
I really like my Stone Glacier. Very light, easy to remove binos and slide back in. I also have the range finder pouch attached next to it. I hate big bulky bino pouches that have pockets on the sides, front, bottom, etc.

From: WYelkhunter
none for archery elk hunting. I can't remember the last time bow hunted elk where I would use binoculars. My small 6 power range finder works for any need I might have. If I did hunt where I would want to carry binoculars I have something similar to the vortex harness strap and a neoprene cover.

From: pirogue
Seems like most manufacturers, over the last few years, have developed a “bigger is better”mentality. I want minimal bulk protruding from my chest, when I’m hunting.

Rick young works well if you aren’t concerned about your bino’s being exposed. I use mine from time to time when bowhunting. My first choice is outdoor vision for a harness that Carrie’s the bino’s in a pouch. It’s light, compact, comfortable, and quiet.

I’m truly confused why outdoor vision doesn’t get more mentions. If you want a protective and functional harness, none are better. Only bigger and bulkier. Something no one wants in a bino harness.

From: c5ken
I have Kuiu.. Don't like it. The cover doesn't close all the way

From: jdbbowhunter
Have bino strap sewn to front of jacket. Just drop binos behind it.

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Rick Young in the treestand. Marsupial for everything else.

I do want to try the Q Bino Harness and rangefinder pouch from Sarari Tuff.

From: gil_wy

gil_wy's embedded Photo
gil_wy's embedded Photo
I have a marsupial enclosed and adapted the Rick Young bungee straps for the harness…

From: Coondog
Marsupial Gear enclosed bino harness

I use Adak and really like it (I just wish they made a small-medium and a large-XL so us skinny guys didn't need to have so much extra strap). It keeps the rain off and I can one-hand my binos in and out.

My main hunting is mountain hunting and I'm often times pulling my binos 100+ times per day; I need them to come out fast and easy. And in Alaska, it rains all the damn time, so I need a cover, because eye-cups are a PITA.

From: pav
Started out with Alaska Guide Creations years ago...too bulky for my taste. Switched to the original KUIU version, but it definitely had some drawbacks. Bought a FHF based on recommendations, but not a fan of the zipper. When the updated KUIU version came out, decided to give it a try. All of my issues with the original version had been addressed and I'm still using it with no regrets. Sounds like I missed out on testing Marsupial Gear...

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