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Cargo carrier bag from harbor freight.
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From: Scrappy

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Scrappy's embedded Photo

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Check out these cargo bags from harbor freight to keep rain and dust off gear on a trailer or back of the truck. In the pic it has a 150qt cooler in it with a ton of space left over. For only 25 bucks with a coupon or 29 regular price it seem like a good deal for keeping gear clean.

From: Buffalo1
Some good deals can be had at Horrible Freight !

From: Coyote 65

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One of the items that has proven itself for me is the battery operated fuel transfer pump. No spilling fuel all over myself, the truck or the ground. Bought several when they were cheeper, and still on the first one. Have pumped about 80 gallons from 5 gallon tanks.


From: Zbone
Would it be TSA approved to pack everything except your carry-on for a hunt?

From: Scrappy
I have no idea on the TSA approval Zbone, sorry.

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