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Dewalt Light?
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wisconsinteacher 06-Oct-23
Mathewsphone 06-Oct-23
molsonarcher 07-Oct-23
Beendare 09-Oct-23
Aluminum Rain 09-Oct-23
JSW 09-Oct-23
StickFlicker 13-Oct-23
I'm looking for a new light for tracking deer that runs off a Dewalt battery. Any suggestions on what model to get for tracking at night? I want to stick with something that runs on Dewalt batteries because I have other tools made by them.

From: Mathewsphone
I run a spot light that has bright and dim and a red light it works great for hogs

From: molsonarcher
Any of their lights are bright, and with charged battery will run for quite awhile. I always have one of the little ones in the truck where you can angle the head and direct light in different directions.

From: Beendare
I would ask Dewalt what Kelvin their lights are.

A work light with say a 5,000k which is good for detail is not good for bloodtrailing. You want a high CRT light, 3,000k to 4,000k.

Zebra has some with an 18650 battery that make blood pop.

I use the dewalt DCL043 all the time for deer. Its great.

From: JSW
The best dewalt light is about $90 without battery. On high, it is very bright and battery life is good. You can also get a cheaper knock off for about $30. It is not as bright but it's still really good.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's embedded Photo
StickFlicker's embedded Photo
Not sure of the model on this one, but I love it. I keep it near the back door to walk the dogs, etc. all the time, and I take it on all my hunts. The batteries last a very long time using it.

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