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Best clothing system for deer- fall?
Whitetail Deer
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Pat Lefemine 13-Oct-23
2Wild Bill 13-Oct-23
Thornton 13-Oct-23
Groundhunter 14-Oct-23
Groundhunter 14-Oct-23
Sam 14-Oct-23
Supernaut 14-Oct-23
RonP 14-Oct-23
midwest 16-Oct-23
Michael 16-Oct-23
From: Pat Lefemine

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See the article and video. This system has worked so well for me from early bowhunting to late season that we did a feature about it. Let's hear your system?
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
See the article and video. This system has worked so well for me from early bowhunting to late season that we did a feature about it. Let's hear your system?

Pat Lefemine's Link
Check out our latest feature where I lay out my "perfect" clothing system for bowhunting in Fall. I know many people will have different opinions so share them here.

From: 2Wild Bill
Thanks Pat. I've got a lot of Cabela points to use and I'm looking at that jacket as a means to thin down some of my usual layers. Does your jacket have the constant connect harness pass through port? From some pictures it looks like a velcro and snap collar which opens at the back, but what about the hood? Is it removable or does it stay with one side of the collar separation? I don't usually put on my outermost layer until I get up the tree with a climber and hoist up the gear pack and bow together.

From: Thornton
Good review, and huge Ohio 8 point. I tear too many clothes on barbed wired to spend $1k on threads.

From: Groundhunter
I live in the woods. Deer clothes are kept cleaned and separate. Lots of flannel shirts, wool and carhardt pants, and hoodies. Deer don't care. WIND IS KING. nice post though, and buck.

Most camo is too dark in my opinion. I like soft colors, grays, black mix.

From: Groundhunter
Best pattern for me , Fall Gray, Predator, best pattern I ever saw. I have a HBS in that pattern.

From: Sam
Ground hunter Check out

From: Supernaut
Thanks for the review Pat. I've really been thinking about picking up some of their items.

I've been looking at the Fanatic line but your review has me pondering.

From: RonP
i have tried a couple pieces of merino blend and do not like it one bit. when i move i overheat, sweat, and my skin feels clammy. when i am still, i get cold fast. based on the popularity and reviews, i am in the minority when it comes to merino wool.

i wear an inexpensive synthetic base layer top i buy from amazon. for long johns i use mostly the duluth brand, but if it is really cold i use the cabelas or sitka heavy weight.

my mid layer top and the best i have found is the kuiu peloton 200. my only complaint is that it is not very durable, but it does a great job keeping me warm and not sweating. if necessary, over that i wear a sitka mountain vest mostly because of its lightweight and wind blocker. i found that with a hat, neck gaiter, and gloves, those pieces keep me comfortable into the 30's and 40's. if i am on the move a lot, no problem with only those pieces into the 20's.

for pants, everything from the army fatigues, sitka mountain pants, or kuiu axis hybrid depending on temps, weather, and where i am hunting.

if a jacket is needed, i usually wear the kuiu kenai if it is dry and if it is light rain or snow the kuiu axis hybrid.

i recognize my gear is not ideal for tree stand hunting and there is likely better for this type of hunting. my longest sit in cold weather is 2-3 hours. for that i have my clothing dialed in to my liking.

From: midwest
I just recently purchased the Stratus jacket. It was much lighter on insulation than I expected. More of just a heavy windbreaker. I recently wore a light KUIU merino base layer, a fleece top, a mid-weight Black Ovis merino hoody and I was chilly on a windy early October morning in the mid 40's.

I decided I needed a heavier hoody for the mid layer. I debated on a few different options and was real close to getting the Sitka 330 but ended up ordering the First Lite Furnace hoody due to what I think may be the better value. I should receive that piece today.

For bottoms, I have a couple different weights of Smart Wool for a base layer and either KUIU guide pants for warmer weather or First Lite Sanctuary bibs for colder. Both of these pieces shed the horrible burrs we have here in Iowa fairly easy. Fleece is a definite no-go!

Thanks for the review. That 330 hoody may still end up in my closet in the future.

From: Michael
My system is a mix bag of items.

For bottoms I have a mid weight scheels base layer. I love the Kuiu attack pants (bourbon color) and wear them from 90 + degree weather to below zero. For temps below freezing I add in a pair of Kuiu Proximity bibs/pants.

When its hot I just wear a drab green T shirt. Once it cools off I will add a gray fleece Magellan 1/4 zip. Not sure why I love this 1/4 zip so much but it fits great and has sone warmth to it. Next I use First lite sawtooth jacket. (It’s a little Warner than a sweatshirt). Last is a Kuiu proximity jacket. This covers he from 90+ degree temps into the single digits.

One thing I will add this year to the line up is a Kuiu base camp sweater vest.

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