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Gloves in the rain
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For when it's going to be, say, 25-45F and rain is a possibility.

What do you use and why?

Gloves or mittens?

Which brand/model?

From: sitO
I've got the Kuiu Yukon's, and the down Glommit's. I use the Glommit's more often, though not waterproof. Warmer weather I use Sitka merino gloves or nothing.

My hands get cold pretty quick, either because I have long arms or a cold dead heart.

From: Groundhunter
I just can not stand gloves. Of course I use them sparingly, and use thin tight work gloves, from the guys in the trades. When I set up, I use a muff, to keep hands dry and warm.

From: 2Wild Bill

2Wild Bill's embedded Photo
2Wild Bill's embedded Photo
Below 40 I use Glomitts. In the photo the mitten cap is inside out to show the fleece pocket I stitched inside to contain a dry chemical warmer. Since this photo I've installed a velcro closure to hold the pocket shut and keep the warmer from slipping out. I use a tab and that stays inside with my fingers when the mitt portion is covering my fingers.

From: LBshooter
I use deer or elk hide th insulated gloves. A little waterproofing and done. I can shoot my bows with them and once broken in they are awesome.

From: RonP
for those temperatures in light rain and snow, i use the thinner insulated work gloves i get at the local hardware or feed store. they have a rubbery tacky substance on the palm and fingers.

i cut the top of the fingers off the right-hand glove so i can get my shooting glove on.

most times i avoid hunting in nasty weather but if i can't or get caught in a storm, i have a couple different pair of kuiu that are water/wind proof or resistant. one pair is their guide model glove.

From: craigmcalvey
Probably not the best option, but I use those brown jersey gloves no matter the temperature/weather. I have a hand muff warmer if it’s below 40.

From: Supernaut
Rag wool Glomitt with a hand warmer in the pouch if necessary on my bow hand.

My string hand I keep in a muffler with a hand warmer in it. I shoot a recurve with a glove so wearing anything over that hand is a PITA for me.

From: Jeff.Thomp
I always run wool fingerless and add a wool liner underneath as temps drop. Wool insulates when wet and is silent and functional enough to shoot with.

From: Glunt@work
Wool glomitts. When it gets really cold, snowy and wet, Swany X-Cell are amazing. Learned that from snowmobiling.

From: Beendare
I’m in for a good waterproof glove here.

I’ve tried a bunch on Alaskatrips and none of the insulated gloves stay waterproof long.

From: Jaquomo
Wool military surplus gloves in different weights, fingered and fingerless. Wool is the best I've found for wet conditions.


Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Wool gloves, if colder, mittens over them

From: Griz34
I like the Outdoor Research Commuter Windstopper gloves. They aren't completely waterproof, but they shed it pretty good.

From: Tracker
Wool fingerless glove. If raining I wear a waterproof shell that can easily be taken off.

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