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What I Saw Last Night
Whitetail Deer
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fredzepplelin 15-Oct-23
scentman 15-Oct-23
drycreek 15-Oct-23
fredzepplelin 16-Oct-23
Duke 16-Oct-23

fredzepplelin's Link

From: scentman
What no Sasquatch squatting in the field ;0) Nice video, thank you.

From: drycreek
Fred, looks like the turkeys were enjoying the fruits of your labor !

Thats funny what you said about Sasquatch! There were many sightings in this area of him back in the 80's! I have both eyes wide open when i walk out after dark!

From: Duke
Is that Babcock area of WI!? I’ve heard from some locals in the area that Sasquatch is indeed out there!

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