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Killing Kudzu?
Whitetail Deer
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Candor 22-Oct-23
Buffalo1 22-Oct-23
fuzzy 23-Oct-23
Bou'bound 23-Oct-23
GFL 23-Oct-23
Cocklebur 23-Oct-23
4nolz@work 23-Oct-23
Buckdeer 23-Oct-23
Highlife 24-Oct-23
Rut Nut 24-Oct-23
Genesis 24-Oct-23
Burt 30-Oct-23
From: Candor
I am looking at a property that has about a 10-12 acre kudzu field on it. I know kudzu is a great foodplot for deer in the summer, but I want it gone because it is so difficult to control. Have any of yall ever eradicated it? I have read you can knock it back significantly in a year but the USDA says that it can take 10 years to completely kill it. Any of yall have any experience with it?

Thanks in advance,

From: Buffalo1
Best of luck. It is almost the state plant for Mississippi. I question if Agent Orange would have any impact on the plant. I think is it a first cousin to a wisteria vine !!

From: fuzzy
Mow it, early late and often.

From: Bou'bound
Try a South African blind over water. Be patient. One will show up. Good luck.

From: GFL

From: Cocklebur
I don’t have any experience with kudzu. I would try Remedy, Milestone, and 24-D in a tank mix. Around here that mix will kill any tree or broadleaf weed that we have. Milestone has some residual control but you might have to come back next year and spot spray some areas.

From: 4nolz@work
Goats x2! Ive done it in Alabama.

From: Buckdeer
Check out really good habitat site bet some guys on there are fighting it also

From: Highlife
What the hell is bou talking about?????

From: Rut Nut
I think he missed the “z”! ;-)

From: Genesis
I use metsulfuron (Escort) with success.It will take a little while to see results so be patient.

From: Burt
I agree with goats, especially if the area is not flat. Just spraying the stuff with glycophosphates (crossbow, roundup) will burn it down fairly well but kills everything else too. 2,4d (GrazeOn, spectrecide) will rust the leaves on first application, usually takes a couple of applications plus mowing to be really effective. If you fence the area and put goats in they will eat it down to nothing fairly quick, then a residual spray with 2,4d will get the job done while leaving grasses and trees fairly intact.

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