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Carry Bow While on Horseback
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Spiral Horn 23-Oct-23
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BTM 23-Oct-23
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Pop-r 30-Oct-23
From: Spiral Horn
Going on a horseback bowhunt this winter and would like to hear from some with experience for their preferred system for transporting their bow while mounted.

Thanks in advance for any tips..

From: BTM
This subject comes up fairly often on the Bowsite, so you might want to use the search function. Plenty of good input over the years.

From: Bou'bound
In sling. Have also had skb case case carried in panniers on pack in when did not need access to bow as one does when hunting

From: Groundhunter
First talk to your guide. They do the packing. When I went, my packer did not like a sling, because, if you get bucked off, for any reason, that could injure you. He had seen it all. No matter how trained them horses are, there us always a risk. I saw a guy go off, when a seasoned horse spooked on a slide. My packer, strapped bow in hard case, by panniers. Less chance of damage. I also brought a back up take down recurve. My arrows were all in separate hard cases, the packer set. To watch those people pack a horse, is amazing. I am not a horse rider. Told them I know nothing about horses in back country. They liked that. They taught me alot, and listened to them, and trusted them. By the time the hunt was over, I was taking the saddles off, rubbing down the horses, etc.... all under the packers guidance. Part of the adventure for me. Good luck

From: BTM
Ron Spomer said it best: "If God wanted us to ride horses, we'd have been born without brains." :)

From: Treeline

Treeline's embedded Photo
Treeline's embedded Photo
Take down longbow and arrows placed in the zipped up quiver.

Broadheads removed from arrows and stuck in foam in the in the hard case. Put the hard case in the quiver pocket.

Tie the quiver on behind the saddle.

Less than a minute to put together and be ready to go…

From: longsprings
Went on horseback hunt with big knife outfitters and he had large scabbords on the side of horse worked just fine

From: Tilzbow
I’ve used slings but scabbards are much safer for you and the horse. Hard case is an option but take up a lot of space and not something I’d use. As mentioned above, talk to your outfitter or whoever owns and is running the horses.

From: Jaquomo
I had a heavy leather scabbard made and it worked great, even when scraped against aspens a couple times.

I've been in a couple wrecks, and wouldn't want to have dealt with a bow on a sling while I was bailing.

From: Mule Power
Trailmax bow scabbard. Not the green one that covers half the bow. The brown one that covers most of it.

From: 3bears
I went on a horse back hunt 6 weeks ago and hard cases were not allowed just scabbard’s.Guide was leading horses and one carrying bow slipped and rolled totally destroyed bow.I would use hard case of high quality. ,just my experience.

From: Medicinemann
There have several threads on this topic. It might be advisable to read some of the stories that were shared.....

From: Pop-r
I have both that Mule Power mentioned. The brown one works just fine..I put it in the green one and them in the brown one so it's fully incapsulated. Hopefully you put it on animal that's not an idiot but then again wrecks just happen to the best of them from time to time. You'll not likely have a problem. A sling works decent too but as stated you're more likely to get injured in case of a mishap. No bow is worth getting hurt. That being said I use a sling and ride quite a but with my bow in a sling. I have used a hard case as well just strapped to the top of a top.pack but only when I knew the trail was clean and not going to be going under any branches. All have their place and time.

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