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Rob in VT 23-Oct-23
standswittaknife 23-Oct-23
Sivart 24-Oct-23
Curvebow 01-Nov-23
JakeBrake 01-Nov-23
From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
On my recent BC moose hunt, one side of the chest strap came off my Exo Mountain Gear pack while packing out the bull. I didn’t notice when it happened and lost the piece. This is an old K1 frame from 2015. I reached out to the company asking if they still sell parts for the K1 pack. Less than a day later they asked for the mailing address and are sending out a new chest strap free of charge. I was pleasantly surprised and will continue to buy there excellent products.

Used them for years as well and absolutely love the packs.. using the K2 frame now..

From: Sivart
One of the best companies I've ever dealt with. Unreal customer service. Unreal pack design as well. Steve is a class act.

From: Curvebow
Good to hear. I use an older K2 I think 3800. Haven't needed any repairs but love the pack build & quality!

From: JakeBrake
Exo is the best…hands down, no comparison

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