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Lone wolf replacement straps
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Scout 24-Oct-23
Dirtman 24-Oct-23
HoytHntr4 24-Oct-23
pirogue 24-Oct-23
Pyrannah 24-Oct-23
Tracker 24-Oct-23
Mpdh 24-Oct-23
midwest 25-Oct-23
From: Scout
Where and what are you you guys using for replacement straps for lone wolf steps and stands? I have found some but very expensive. I have lots off stands and steps that need replacement. Any help would be appreciated.

From: Dirtman
Make your own daisy chains out of amsteel. Better than straps. Just google it. There videos to show you how

From: HoytHntr4
2 pack of XOP cam buckle straps at Scheels for $14.99 is about the best price I’ve found. I also need to look into the Amsteel option like mentioned above

From: pirogue
Securing the steps is one thing(and an easy thing). Replacing that belt to fit the cam type lock (or replace) is not so easy. When I knew a few years ago, that mine needed replaced eventually, I got another set and have kept them inside like my weapons.

From: Pyrannah
xop has replacement straps

the climbers, not sure

From: Tracker
Amsteel daisy chains all day long forget those buckles

From: Mpdh
You can use the straps without the buckles too.

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Eastern Woods Outdoors if you want to just buy the amsteel daisy chain or rope mods. Just search "amsteel" on the site for everything they make with amsteel. They are great people to deal with. At my link...

Also, Novix Outdoors has many of the Lone Wolf replacement parts.

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