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lynx and cougar hunts
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I have had 3 dates open up for this winter. November 28-Dec 3 January 7-12 January 20-25 Here is what you all have been waiting for. A prime-time hunt at the best time to hunt lynx. .

1 on 1 hunts $8500 USD plus license, tags, WCF and 5% federal sales tax.

Two on one hunts $5750.00 USD for each hunter plus license, tags WCF and 5% federal sales tax. Each hunt has six days of hunting, all meals, lodging and airport transfer from Williams Lake is included.

License $180, tag $42 and WCF of $250 is extra. A $2000 USD bank transfer each hunter deposit is required to hold your dates. Balance, including license tags and WCF will be paid 30 prior to your hunt starting

If you want to add a cougar that is possible. We will only concentrate on hunting cougar after the lynx are taken or if a very good opportunity presents itself. Trophy fee on a cougar is $7500 usd plus tax, must be paid for prior to leaving Skinner Creek. Driving it is 9 hours from the US border Flying I will pick you up in Williams Lake. You will fly first into Vancouver Pacific Coastal Air and Central Mtn air are the two companies that fly into Williams Lake. Allow enough time between transfer in Vancouver as both airlines fly out of the South Terminal in Vancouver which requires a taking a shuttle. License $189 Lynx Tag 42.00 Cougar tag $241.00 Wildlife Conservation fee $250

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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We did this trip last year. It's a great time, even if you have to borrow equipment to do it...

That was an awesome story Gene!

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