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Unused Safety Harnesses
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pirogue 02-Nov-23
From: cnelk
I have a few unused safety harnesses kicking around. I got one for every tree stand I bought.

Any ideas on what to do with them?

From: buckeye
Give them to up and coming hunters or someone without one. Might save a life or severe injury.

Same here. The problem with it is that shipping cost to give somebody a freebie, is now to the point that being generous is problematic. Try locally. I don't use it but Facebook has market place and there is always asking the local archery club if they have a drop box. I guess.

From: APauls
I rob mine of usable components and chuck em. Some good straps, carabiners etc. But anyone who hunts gets these, and anyone who is serious about a safety harness gets something else. These are the biggest waste of money and resources. Stand manufacturers should get rid of the practise. I imagine it's a legal thing, but you can buy a boat without life jackets so come on..figure it out. I bet these have like 1% utilization rates.

From: t-roy
APauls X2. It’s entirely a CYA component for the mfgr’s. I’ve got a bucketful of the straps, minus the carabiners, buckles, hooks, etc. Always thought about some way to utilize them as replacement straps for my ladder stands, steps, etc, but so far haven’t come up with a good system yet.

From: Dale06
Give them to someone who needs and will use them.

From: maxracx
You could donate them to a local hunters safety group in your area.

From: Bou'bound
Give them to someone who needs one. Great question. We all should do more of this.

From: cnelk
I wonder a little about the liability of giving someone a harness? Especially if it’s been kicking around awhile

From: JohnMC
Make a dummy and hang it from side of your house for Halloween

From: goelk
ill take one off your hand cnelk

From: Grey Ghost
I'm with you, APauls, it's a waste. When I was outfitting, we struck a deal with Summit Treestands. I think they sent us 30 stands, each with a harness and safety rope. I still have a box full of them in their original packaging.


From: APauls
Name one person that needs one and wants one. Add up all the wasted nylon produced for these....all the plastic bags they are cased in and all the energy spent trucking them around, and the world could add a few hundred million cow farts to offset the carbon produced to make these aka we could each eat a few more ribeyes guilt free.


From: JTreeman
I had a bunch, same thing, nobody who wanted one wouldn’t have a better one, I was a bit concerned about liability, didn’t see a use for any hardware etc, and ended up just chucking about a dozen new in the bags in the dumpster at work.


From: Blood
You could always wear just the harness and post up a few pics lmfao

From: TonyBear
Providing fall safety harness was an agreement made with all the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association members (TSMA) decades ago. This was more than likely due to the liability which could have put the whole industry out of business, due to on-going lawsuits. It is now an industry standard. These days there is absolutely no reason not to wear fall protection. Saves lives, prevents serious injury and lets a person hunt into their 70s or longer.

I have a bunch of them from tree stands purchased and when I used to do Bowhunters Ed. and Metro hunts. They were required for those hunts. If you didn't have full-body fall protection, a whistle and flashlight-on your person. You didn't hunt. Only a few exceptions they let folks with disability hunt from the ground.

From: midwest
Mine all went to the landfill.

I used one of these freebies for a while. It was my gateway drug to safety harnesses.

From: pirogue
Like referenced above, that TSMA rating just meant they were in bed with someone. Look at how many years, maybe still, harnesses were furnished without suspension trauma relief stirrups, yet one was warned that suspension trauma could be fatal quickly. I tossed all mine and use a rock climbing harness.

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