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Whitetail Deer
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Well my wife did it again!!! This weekend the weather was perfect for hunting in WI. My wife and I hunted together Saturday and had a great day. She couldn't hunt Sunday morning because of her master's program but at 11AM she text me and said she was going solo to a different property than I was on and would text me when she was in her stand. At 12:45 she text me that she was in her stand and ready for the afternoon sit. Within minutes she had does passing by and even had a little buck push a doe. She text me and said she needed to focus and would text when she was at her car after the hunt. After 2.5 hours, I got a text that I had to decode but it said, "just shot a nice buck." We talked on the phone and I told her to give it 30 minutes and go look at the arrow and meet me at the car in 45 minutes. I hurried as fast as I could from my hunting location to go help her. As I was driving, I had no cell coverage for the first 20 minutes. As I got service, my phone lit up with pictures of a dead buck. She went to the arrow, saw great blood and started tracking solo. She went 60 yards and found her buck. When I got to her car, she was unpacking and all smiles. She was so proud of herself for picking the tree to sit in and doing it all solo. The last time she sat in that stand was last year and she killed another 9 pointer.

I guess all I'm good for is setting stands, taking pictures, gutting and dragging!!!!!

Defiantly a proud husband moment. She has been hunting with me for 9 years and we have gone from sitting in the same tree together to her going solo. I'm confident in her abilities and decisions she makes in the woods. She's is a damn good hunter.

Picture with the black shirt is 2023 camo jacket is 2022.

Awesome. I love it.

From: Catscratch
Congrats! Great buck!

From: molsonarcher
Fantastic! Maybe she should pick your tree for you ;)

Congrats to you both.

From: JohnMC
That is awesome, next she got to learn to gut her own deer ;)

From: bghunter
Great story and two awesome bucks.

From: TJS
WTG!!!! She with two trophies, and you seem to have one too!

From: Supernaut

Congrats to your wife and you!

From: Duke
Good stuff! Congrats to your spouse.

From: Rgiesey
Great deal! Congratulations!!

From: Ron Niziolek
That’s awesome! Congrats to her!

From: ki-ke
This is great! Congrats to you both

From: Hancock West

Awesome! I agree with John. Time to learn to gut ;)

From: fdp
Those are dandy deer.

"I guess all I'm good for is setting stands, taking pictures, gutting and dragging!!!!!"

I have become just as valuable to my wife. Congrats to you both!!

From: buckeye
Congratulations! Good story.

From: Mpdh
I think that’s great. I’d love it if I could get my wife to hunt with me.

From: maxracx
AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!

From: Wymuley
You lucky Dawg! A great hunting buddy and wife all in one!

From: t-roy
Congrats again to Gretchen, Matt! Might be a good time to suggest that she starts doing more of the heavy lifting with the food plot stuff ;-)

From: fuzzy
That's amazing!

From: drycreek
They say “you can’t have it all”, well, evidently “they” are wrong !

Congrats again. Maybe she can start picking stands for you to sit now.

From: Nick Muche
Well that’s awesome! Congrats to her!

From: Bowboy
Congrats to both of you!

From: TMac
That is great congrats to you both.

From: Stoneman
Pretty darn nice! Congrats to you both.

From: Kingntuff
Put a huge smile on my face great story man. Proud to see it. Pressure is on you!

From: huntr4477
Awesome! Congrats to her!

From: midwest
This made me smile. You're a lucky man and congrats to your wife!

From: Glunt@work

From: sitO
I think you should make her a sandwich, congrats to you both!

From: deerhunter72
I think this is just awesome. My wife went to the woods with me only a few times very early on 25 years ago, but never really had any interest. Great that you both share the same passion. Congratulations to you both!

From: Screwball
Congratulations to you both, that is awesome. MY wife never hunted, fired a gun anything until we met, now she loves it and all that goes into managing our land.

From: Dale06
You have a good one, congrats to both of you.

From: Zbone

From: pav
Looks like you need to update your handle to wisconsinbowhuntingteacher. Congrats to you both!!!

From: grape
Congrats Nothing like having your wife for a hunting partner. Life is good!

From: Zebrakiller
So awesome

From: arlone
Congrats to her for shooting a couple of beautiful bucks! Hope you two continue to enjoy hunting together for many years.

From: Ace
Congrats to your wife, It's great to have a child, wife or significant other who hunts with you. When they score there is often that feeling of pride for what they've accomplished and what you may have contributed to their success.

Next step: she'll be offering YOU suggestions on how and when to hunt and where to set up.

From: Scoot
That's outstanding! Congrats to both of you!

From: Rut Nut
Congrats Mathew! But I hope you are still needed for SOMETHING! ;-)

Congratulations to the huntress and her teacher.

I showed my wife the comments and she says, "thanks for the kind words." She did tell me she will not learn how to gut a deer because she wants me to feel needed!!! lol. Thanks again guys for the comments.

From: Rut Nut
LOL! That is so nice of her! ;-)

From: tobywon
Awesome, congrats to you both. Nice to have a partner that shares in the same passion. Definitely a plus.

From: TGbow
02-Nov-23's great that both of you hunt together

From: Bowfreak
Congrats on the great bucks. Like many of us, you married up.

From: RD in WI
Congratulations to your wife on a fine buck. I don't know why, but in 2013 while hunting in South Dakota, my wife asked me for the knife just as I was going to start field dressing a buck I killed and has been doing it ever since when possible. She claims it is because she is faster at it. I'm not complaining.

From: WapitiBob
pretty awesome!

From: Lewis
Congrats to the huntress great job curious what lb bow is she shooting Lewis

From: Buckdeer
I remember way back when you were trying to decide if to buy.Glad you did and tell her she can do the gutless method. I don't even gut them anymore and when I was processing I could gut one in about 40 seconds if we were racing and it was warm with someone holding a leg.

From: goelk
Far Out Awesome Congrats

From: GLP

From: hdaman
I love it! Congratulations!

From: Bow Crazy
Again, congrats!!! Yes, the gutting is a great job for you, don't want to give that one up. LOL BC

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