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Nock on 2 release
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Guardian hunter 02-Nov-23
Guardian hunter 02-Nov-23
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Murph 02-Nov-23
Coondog 03-Nov-23
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midwest 03-Nov-23
What's the opinion on this release. I tried it once and felt good about it. If anyone has one and wants to sell it lmk. I'm interested but don't want to shell out $234 retail trying something.

The thumb release

From: JTreeman
I assume you are talking about the Nock 2 It? I shot one a couple times, it was fine. I personally don’t like the finger hole type releases.

With Dudley’s following and the overall reputation of that release I don’t see them going for much less than retail too often.


Nock 2 it. Made by Carter, sold by Dudley. Game changer for me. Used an index release for 35 years. Silly rabbit. I bought 2 gave one to my son and he’s hooked. I use the Stan Onnex Click as well.

From: Mad Trapper
What Charlie said.

From: bowhunter55
I bought it when it first came out. It's now my back up since I use a Carter Whisper thumb release. I used to shoot a Carter RX2 release but since getting used to a thumb release I'll never go back to a wrist release.

From: Murph
Are you all commanding the shot with your thumb button, or what makes it so superior to your trigger release

From: Coondog
I shot one for a couple years. Shot it well. I ended up switching to a true three finger handheld thumb release instead of how the Nock2It is more of a 2 1/2 finger.

It felt smooth on the one shot I took. It's probably time to take the plunge.

From: craigmcalvey
Murph-I fire mine by squeezing my hand together like I’m closing my grip on a ball, pulling through the shot.

From: T-rex
I bought one, but didn't like how it clipped on the d-loop. I like the Stan better. I gave it to my son and he loves it.

From: midwest
Keep an eye on AT Marketplace. They show up there occasionally. Usually under $200. I had 2 of them but sold them a few years ago.

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