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Iowa plan for 2024?
Whitetail Deer
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I have 4 Iowa Non-Resident Preference points going into 2024. My goal would be to kill a 130"+ net P&Y deer

What do you recommend? is that enough to draw a tag I would want? Should I try and draw a tag? is there an outfitter you highly recommend? I won't have time to scout public land... what about a lease for one season? Which counties should I be looking at? (I just looked at the odd and Zone 5 takes 5 points, the rest have a chance with 4)

Any thoughts?

From: Capt C
Steven Hanson at straight arrow I recommend, him and Joe run a good outfit and will do there best to get you a shot at a good buck but it’s gonna take at least 5 points.

My buddy’s heading out to 5 this year. Leaving in 2 hours or so. Believe they drew with 5

From: molsonarcher
I started looking at a few outfitters for 2025, when I would likely draw, unless point creep changes things.

Alot of them were already booked for 2025 this year for the better late October and into November dates.. Outfitted may keep you waiting for another year or two depending on where you could get a tag.

The lease thing I cant help with, and Ive toyed with the idea of hunting public land, but having to wait 5-6 years between tags, I figure personally I would like a better chance to fill my tag. Especially since its going to cost about a grand just for the points and tag.

My goal is the same as yours. Net 130+. Alot of outfitters have a 140 minimum, or pay a hefty penalty for shooting a smaller one. I personally wont pay to hunt somewhere where someone tells me what I can shoot.

FWIW, Im still looking as well, but thought it may give you some food for thought.

Good point on good outfits already booked for 2024.

I did some research from a thread I had last year and these were some of the recommendations: If any of you have any comments please let me know.

Timberghost in Zone 6

Windy Ridge Outfitters in Cantrill Zone 6

Shermoe Adventures LLC Zone 4

SW Iowa Outfitters Cole Winther Zone 4

Midwest Antler Co Chad Johnson Zone 4

Straight Arrow Outfitter Steve Hanson Zone 5

Looks like I have a good chance at drawing zone 4 and 6 but zone 5 would take another year.

From: 12yards
How many days do you have to hunt. If you have ten days to two weeks, I'd be DIY on public land. You should be able to have encounters with that caliber of deer on public. You can scout online some with aerial photos on the IA DNR website and get a good idea where to sit. Look at the IA DNR Hunting Atlas. Check out the aerials and the Lidar imagery. It is a great way to scout online.

From: W
Over the years, I’ve seen non resident landowners do a one season lease when they were no able to draw.

From: TEmbry
Interested in the route you take as I’m in the same boat points wise but likely looking at ‘25 or ‘26 to use them

From: Ou jagter
While this is tangential to bow hunting, it is still about hunting. I'm thinking about some upland bird hunting In either Missouri, Kansas, or Iowa next fall. Which of the three would be my best bet?

Ou- I say North/South Dakota and Montana are your best bet for upland. Of the ones mentioned I’d say Kansas. Unless you want quail then look at Arizona

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