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a priceless moment
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I am a hunter first and a bow hunter second. I have been teaching hunter safety for a long time . Yesterday was very special to me. I had the opportunity to interact with two young boys due to the generosity of my good friend ,Doug . Doug had made a couple of kids bows and the two boys wanted to shoot . Before I arrived Doug had put some balloons on a huge Styrofoam target. The boys arrived with their dad a bit late but they were all excited. The older boy was full of confidence . The younger, Charlie wanted a coach. He selected me. I helped him nock an arrow while pleasantly but firmly reviewing safety. The boys shot at the balloons more times than I want to admit. Each hit was a celebration each miss was met with positive feed back. I am excited by the mood of the day Doug and I plan to rifle hunt together on Saturday. I think we have hunted together since 1970 or earlier . I am truly blessed by having an old friend to hunt with and a new generation to teach. My grandchildren plan to join the next balloon shoot.

From: Rgiesey
Nice! Great job and story!

From: Papadeerhtr
That is great, nothing like helping young kids learn archery!

From: EmptyFreezer
Good work Greenmountain.. May payback come 10X your way.

From: deerhunter72
Very nice! Thanks for the good vibes.

From: fuzzy
Great post my . I just signed on to teach hunter Ed myself. Looking forward to it.

From: Beendare
Bows and balloons…nothing better for kids

From: Scoot
Awesome post! Good for those young boys! Good for you! Good deal, all around.

From: Insheart
Yup, used balloons for both my children

From: TonyBear
Ballons filled with cash for my kids. Sometimes a little, sometimes more.

My son carried the tradition for his graduation party.

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