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my Unfilled tag
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Bohunr 14-Nov-23
From: goelk
My Unfilled Tag Short story i Hunted a total of 10 days and saw only 2 elk both Bulls. First Bull called in to 10 yards but it was a Spike with two points branch out on top, Second Bull called in to 10 yards Big 5 point and miss. My cousin found my arrow later. No Blood a clean arrow. Determine i shot over his back. I know why I miss i just didn't pick a spot I Raise my bow and shot. 50 years of bow hunting and still get Buck Fever. LOL Next Year will happen

From: fdp
"still get Buck Fever"...if I ever stop getting that from time to time I'll stop hunting.

From: bowelk65
Ya. some years are hard. I try to elk hunt out west every year (cow tags) this year I hunted 20 days killed the seventh elk I seen and only bull (general tag) at 67yo. I just love chasing elk. J. C.

From: Groundhunter
No offense, but 10 days, hard to cut it. I realize you only have so much time, but TIME, is the answer.

In 2007, I informed the higher ups, I drew a tag with 14 points, and I am taking 5 weeks. Denied.

I retired.....

From: Glunt@work
Elk aren't hard to hit but they are surprisingly easy to miss.

^^^^Best post ever on bowsite^^^^.

From: Brotsky
LOL Glunt! Nailed it!

goelk I feel your pain... I hunt an area where chances to for a clear shot at bull elk are at a premium and I have done my fair share of fudging it up when it needed to count.. It keeps me going back!

From: SteveB
Unfilled elk tags are quite plentiful. Over 90% go home empty on public land. 60 - 70% go home empty on LE tags. You're in good company.

From: badbull
Years ago I missed a bull at about 2 yards. I have an excuse but I still can't forget it.

From: RonP
LOL! badbull that is damn funny. we have all been there, maybe not at 2 yards but too close to not forget it. :)

despite its horrible taste, tag soup is plentiful this time of year.

From: butcherboy
So, if you could look into the future and see that you didn’t kill an elk, would you still have gone? :)

From: Jethro
Badbull, what's the excuse? Forgot to knock an arrow?

From: badbull
Jethro, he was staring at me head on between two aspens after I called him in. I had to shoot past a small twig that my arrow barely clipped but sent my arrow harmlessly into the ground. I think that two yards might be stretching the distance a bit. He was so close that I couldn't tell if he was a five or six point but definitely mature. goelk, I do have a couple more tags that I ate that I feel worse about if that helps you feel better, Badbull.

From: goelk
Badbull, I'm feeling better after reading yours. LOL

From: SBH
Better a clean miss than a wounding any day. Elk are tough! Good luck next year

From: Knifeman
At least you saw one!

From: HDE
The question was asked about going knowing the outcome. Waiting for an answer if there will be one...

From: Bohunr
Some of my greatest memories and experiences come not from killing an elk, but from the shared process attempting this feat. Nearly all of my hunting stories start with "One time in elk camp..."It's something that goes straight to your soul and you crave it every year. You don't have to kill something to get something out of it. But I still enjoy the steaks:)

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