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Happy Veterans Day!
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Jasper 11-Nov-23
RK 11-Nov-23
Bowboy 11-Nov-23
tthomas 11-Nov-23
Jasper 11-Nov-23
badbull 11-Nov-23
Glunt@work 11-Nov-23
Zbone 11-Nov-23
t-roy 11-Nov-23
scentman 11-Nov-23
Stoneman 11-Nov-23
Arrowhead 11-Nov-23
Jasper 12-Nov-23
Paul@thefort 12-Nov-23
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sundowner 23-Mar-24
keepemsharp 23-Mar-24
Zlatagor 13-Jun-24
From: Jasper

Jasper's embedded Photo
Jasper's embedded Photo
To all the Bowsiters who have served, a sincere thank you! God bless!

From: RK
Happy Veterans Day.

The nation thanks all those that served !!

From: Bowboy
Happy Veterans Day All!

From: tthomas
We went downtown Calgary and took part in a celebration. They have the field of crosses for everyone who had died in a war. A ceremony at sunrise and sunset. I think of my dad at 18 crossing the Atlantic then storming the beach of Normandy. Those were men, real men, not pussies or soy boys. We owe them a great gratitude and we all need to keep up and stand up for the values they fought for. We will never forget but sadly many will. Our Canadian government is an embarrassment and we do not pay tribute to those who serve like my American friends do. You should be proud of that. Your friend, Tom.

From: Jasper
Very well said Tom and I could not agree more. God bless my friend!

From: badbull
tthomas, sorry to hear that regarding your Canadian government. I will be attending a neighborhood party down the street in honor of veterans. As a proud veteran, I appreciate people that acknowledge the service of all veterans as well. As you do, I think of the uncle that raised me who also stormed the beach at Normandy. Happy Veterans Day! Badbull

From: Glunt@work

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From: Zbone
Thank you Veterans for your service!

From: t-roy
Thank you and may God bless all who served!

From: scentman
Uncles on both sides of my family served in some form of service for our country... I am so fortunate to have shared many good times with those gentlemen... they truly were a different breed. Thank you Veterans. Just lost my last Uncle from the greatest generation, he served in Korea... came home a different person my mom said... he was 91, married to my aunt 70 plus yrs!

From: Stoneman
Thank you to all Veterans past and present.

From: Arrowhead
My Dad is a WW2 veteran. Served in the Navy on a destroyer escort ship when he just turned 18. Wednesday will be his 98th birthday. The Sea Isle City N.J VFW have setup a little birthday gathering for him. Dad and my Mom have been married 76 years. God bless our Vets.

From: Jasper
James, your Dad will be 98?!!! Wow, a true hero who has lived an amazing life. Please tell him Happy Birthday from the Bowsite and that he is admired more than he can imagine! I hope y’all enjoy your time together immensely. God bless!

From: Paul@thefort
USAF 1959 to 1963. Keep your flags flying high and never give up! My best, Paul

From: deerhunter72
Thanks to all who served and to those presently serving!

Jasper, Thank you for starting this thread. Paul@thefort, you got out in 1963 and I served from 1963 to 1967. Life member of the DAV.

From: sundowner
US Navy 1967-71 . Radarman ll aboard the destroyer USS Willard Keith and USS Laffey. The Laffey is now a part of the Patriots Point Naval museum in Charleston Harbor, SC. alongside the USS Yorktown. The Laffey took several kamikaze hits during the battle of Midway and was still able to steam under her own power. Amazing crew.

From: keepemsharp
Army: 67 to 69 one year in sunny SE Asie, a real eye opener.

From: Zlatagor
It sounds like the celebration in Calgary was a moving tribute to our fallen heroes. Your reflection on your dad's courage and sacrifice is truly touching. It's important to honor and remember the bravery of those who served, like your dad and countless others.

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