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Where to buy lithiums online
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Kydeer1 16-Nov-23
Sean D. 16-Nov-23
Velvet Muley 16-Nov-23
Fuzz 17-Nov-23
Wildan2 17-Nov-23
From: Kydeer1
Anyone suggest a place to buy AA lithium batteries in bulk that actually seem functional. I've looked at Amazon, however lots of comments that they are knock offs or don't last very long. TIA

From: Sean D.
Best price I've found them is Sams Club. 18 pack of energizer is $34

From: Velvet Muley
I buy them off Amazon, Energizer and they last forever.

From: Fuzz
Amazon and Energizer lithium for me.... but don't just focus on the 18 or 24 packs. I have found buying them in the 8 pack is quite a bit cheaper overall for the same amount of batteries.

From: Wildan2
Time to invest in solar chargers.Same price as 24 Lithiums.

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