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Opti-Logic Rangefinders
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X-Master 20-Nov-23
Beendare 20-Nov-23
smarba 20-Nov-23
From: X-Master
Does anyone know if Opti-Logic is still in business? I have one of their rangefinders for many years and the power button finally took a crap at the end on archery season. I need to repair or replace it. I really like the rangefinder for bowhunting - not a lot of bells and whistles but great for bowhunting - no magnification but very accurate and made in the US. Their website is still up but the ph.# doesn't answer and gives you the old "this number has been changed or disconnected " response. It also looks like most if not all items are out of stock. Thank you for your input.

From: Beendare
10 second Google search says they are, Here is their contact info

OPTI-LOGIC 414 Wilson Ave. Suite 108 Tullahoma, TN 37388 Customer Service phone: 931-222-4116

From: smarba
I'm an old-school OL user too. I just don't see the need/advantage for the standard 6x lens in bowhunting rangefinders.

I too had several of the digits burn out after decade+ and contacted them maybe a year ago. They don't do repairs and it of course was WAY past warranty, so I ended up buying another one. They answered the phone. I'll dig up an email with phone number and send you a PM if I can find it.

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