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Colorado Mt. LIon info.
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Paul@thefort 22-Nov-23
smarba 22-Nov-23
Beendare 22-Nov-23
Glunt@work 22-Nov-23
Jaquomo 22-Nov-23
From: Paul@thefort
Please check this article out.

From: smarba

smarba's Link

From: Beendare
The Antis are trying to abolish hunting in CO….lets hope hunters from all over band together to help shut this down.

Read the wording …..From Pauls link ——- The initiative’s language specifically would end hunting, trapping, and pursuit of mountain lions and bobcats (the inclusion of lynx in the initiative is a red herring, say opponents; lynx have been protected from all pursuit and harvest since they were restored to Colorado years ago). But by using the term “trophy hunting” as the basis for the ban, initiative backers hope to end all hunting, say members of CRWM.

“Understand what they mean by ‘trophy hunting,’” says the narrator of the video released today. “It’s ‘intentionally killing, wounding, trapping, stalking, or pursuing’ a mountain lion or bobcat. Intentionally pursuing and killing – isn’t that hunting?”

From: Glunt@work
It's been reported that the State Title board, who approves language and legality of ballot issues before signatures can start to be gathered, is requiring them to take out "trophy".

I can't confirm that on the State web sites but admittedly, I'm not sure I'm looking in the right spot or maybe that update just doesn't show up yet. That would help a little but they are undefeated on wildlife ballot issues so beating this will take money and wise spending of that money.

From: Jaquomo
Glunt, that happened a couple weeks ago, according to the Congressional Sportsmens Foundation. The reasoning was that "trophy hunting" is already illegal in CO, and the initiative is to end all hunting of cats by any means. So the initial wording was deceptive.

The CSF has now filed a petition a petition with the Colorado Supreme Court challenging the Title Board’s assumption of jurisdiction over the measure based on the fact that the measure was substantially changed without additional review and comment by the Legislative Council, as required by Colorado law. Briefs are due on the 28th.

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