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Aftermerle 28-Nov-23
sitO 28-Nov-23
KHNC 28-Nov-23
From: Aftermerle
This New Moultrie Super Pro Magnum needs to be in my next garage. Explain why I'm wrong.

I've owned several Moultrie feeder heads. I'm especially fond of the Pro-Magnum. So when Moultrie upgraded to the Super Pro Magnum, I was elated and bought one. The Coons had been doing a number on my feeder locations. The problem might very well be solved with this new Slinger, wrong. However, from the moment it arrived it has been nothing but trouble. Getting the case off proved problematic. Learning the new computer programing was and still is a nightmare. Far to complicated for my liking. All I want is to throw corn 3 times a day every day. The old control panel worked fine, this new thing not so much.

From: sitO

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From: KHNC
Dont leave it sitting outside in the offseason. Weather will ruin the shit out of it! Then its 200 bucks to replace the motor!! Or, do like i did and buy the 50.00 adaptable motor and use it on the metal barrel. I loved the Pro Mags but they are pricey and not durable to leave out year round if not in operation.

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