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Pyrannah 28-Nov-23
craigmcalvey 29-Nov-23
fdp 29-Nov-23
Timex? 29-Nov-23
APauls 29-Nov-23
fdp 29-Nov-23
Pyrannah 29-Nov-23
Ambush 29-Nov-23
fuzzy 29-Nov-23
Hunts_with_stick 01-Dec-23
From: Pyrannah
looking for recommendations on a really good smoker for jerky, sausage, and snack sticks


From: craigmcalvey
I don’t have a brand recommendation, but I would suggest buying a bigger one than you think you need. I didn’t, and now I have two because the first one is too small.

From: fdp
I made one that is the best I've ever used. Bit like Craig said, make sure it's big enough because I'm going to need to make a bigger one.

From: Timex?
I someday plan to put an old upright freezer on a stand with a firebox under the stand flu piped into the bottom of the freezer & flu pipe out the top with a damper to control the smoke / heat flow. I figure with a trash dump freezer & an old used wood stove, a few 4x4x8s. I can do it for a couple hundred $$$

From: APauls
Biggest thing I think for a smoker is are you the kind of guy who wants to sit and babysit it all day? Or would you rather set it and forget it? Two very different directions that will change which way you go. And if you commit to babysitting, you're committing to all day. Every time you smoke.

From: fdp
For the majority of smoking an electric smoker is the most convenient, as the easiest for most folks to maintain the temperature in.

I had to admit that, but it's true.

From: Pyrannah
more set and forget

was thinking pellet of some sort, just damn pricey

From: Ambush
Many smokers won’t go low enough for a longer cold smoking process. Most are more smoke cookers.

From: fuzzy
I made one from an old school cafeteria warming cabinet. Works great!

I’ve made one too. A cold smoker. Worked great. Just hate having to watch everything, not so much the cold one but the regular smoker. Then I got sick of the smoke smell and didn’t enjoy what I made (everyone else did though!

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