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Bino Cover While on Tripod?
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Quinn @work 29-Nov-23
Quinn @work 01-Dec-23
RonP 01-Dec-23
JohnMC 01-Dec-23
greg simon 01-Dec-23
Quinn @work 02-Dec-23
From: Quinn @work
Looking to see if anyone uses a bio cover for use while the binos are attached to a tripod. I have a pair of SLC 15x56 that I use on an Outdoorsman post attached to my tripod. I want a neoprene like cover that I can slip over the bino's that will help keep dust and dirt off the binos while transporting still attached to the tripod and strapped to my pack. I don't want to have to take the binos off the post and tripod and put them away in the carry case every time I move. Often times I move 1/4 mile or so and re-set up the tripod.

I saw the Rick Young neoprene cover but it looks like the post would not work with it unless I cut a hole for the post? Any ideas?

From: Quinn @work

no one's ever done this?

From: RonP
never done it. i'd use a shower cap or child's stocking cap.

From: JohnMC
Don't know of a product for you, what is the problem with cut a small hole is a 20 something dollar cover that will fit the bill?

From: greg simon

greg simon's Link
This might work

From: Quinn @work


I think cutting a hole for the Outdoorsman Post in one of the Rick Young cases will work just fine. Just wanted to see if there was something out there I was missing. Bowsiters are pretty crafty.

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