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I hunted with a WWII veteran. He told me about scoring Maggie's bloomers. Does anyone here know what he was talking about?

From: Brian M.
That's gotta be a least 3rd base.

From: Meat Grinder
That may be the phrase used by Walter Matthau in Oliver Stone's movie "JFK". He used it in reference to Lee Harvey Oswald being a poor shot while in the Marines.

On a side note--ABC's Peter Jennings made a Documentary about the JFK assassination, and they showed some of Oswald's scores from a shooting range log book, showing that he was indeed a good shot with a rifle. I thought the documentary was quite good.

From: Timex?

Timex?'s embedded Photo
Timex?'s embedded Photo
Maggie's bloomers would be the ones on the left.

From: Scoot
Not sure the context, but "Maggie's bloomers" or "Maggie's drawers" is an expression a buddy of mine uses when he comes up empty handed on something.

From: scentman
Oswald was behind the vehicle, the shot that Jackie scooped up evidence put his brains and skull on the trunk of vehicle... just sayn. Don't know squat about Maggie's blumers. Hope this helps scentman

From: Nomad
slang : the red flag waved across the target by a marker on the target range when a shot has completely missed the target.

Nomad: I bet you have gray in your beard. That is my understanding as well. My friend said he once waved that flag on a goy with a perfect score. It was not well taken. I should have elaborated . My friend was doing the scoring and not the shooting. He was a crack shot.

From: Zbone
I agree with scentman, that shot came from the front... "Back and to the left", "back and to the left"...

From: sitO

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From: bowelk65
The name came from ww11 at the pratice range if you missed they waved a white flag, called maggie's drawers

From: casekiska
Summer of 1965...USMC boot camp at Parris Island,..."Maggie's Drawers" was a "zero" or a complete miss of the target on the rifle range. Haven't heard this phrase in many years, brings back memories.

From: PeteO
no impact no idea

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