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Youth Hunt Success!!
Mule Deer
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deerslayer 06-Dec-23
deerslayer 06-Dec-23
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GLP 06-Dec-23
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sitO 06-Dec-23
HUNT MAN 06-Dec-23
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From: deerslayer
This is a gun kill, however I figured most of you would appreciate it, as I know most of the Dad’s can relate.

He’ll be old enough to archery hunt in two years, and it can’t come soon enough. For now we were both very excited to get him out for his first big game hunt…..

Hope you enjoy!

From: deerslayer

deerslayer's Link

From: Scoot
Really enjoyable video to watch. Another one that really takes me back to when my son was that age. Great memories for sure! Congrats to you both!!!

From: fuzzy
That's good stuff

From: GLP
Fantastic! Love these threads!

From: t-roy
Good stuff! Congrats young man!

From: JB
Brought a big smile to my face! Congrats young man on a beautiful buck and a great shot!!

From: sitO
Pretty cool Sam, congrats on a great first, and thanks for passing it on Dad!

Nice shot young man!

Way to go Sam! Love these posts. Good job Justin, for raising them right!

From: Stoneman
Pretty damn cool! Congrats Sam!

From: JusPassin
There was a time, in the not so distant past, when being old enough to head to the deer woods was a sort of right of passage. A boy becoming a man, and there was no special "youth" season for it. It usually occurred at about 14 or so. Now, my next door neighbors boy was taken out to a blind during a "youth" season and set up to kill a 12 point buck. He's 7 years old. Sorry, but I see the youth seasons as nothing more than pumping up the dad's egos and I'd vote to do away with them in a heartbeat but I know that will never happen.

From: buckeye
Love that video, congratulations Sam. Good shooting buddy.

From: deerslayer

A. This is a debate free thread

B. I wasn't looking for your opinion on whether the youth hunt should be allowed or what age you deem fit for a youngster to hunt

C. You must be a real hoot at parties.....

From: Supernaut
Outstanding, congrats to that young man!

From: SBH
Beautiful deer and congrats to your boy. A man will never forget his first deer. Well done.

From: Bowboy
Awesome congrats to both of you!

Great shot young man. Very nice 1st buck for sure. Congratulations.

Fantastic put together video. Enjoyed it immensely. That’s for passing the heritage on to your son, and thanks for sharing with us.

From: Insheart
JusPassin, what a door knob!

Great shot on a nice buck, well done.

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