Hand held release after all these years?
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From: Venom16730
I’ve been into archery / bowhunting for over 47 years, In all those years I have been using a wrist style release / Carter Quickie. Been using that release close to 20 years . All my years an always shot what worked and don’t like change . As I get older I like to tinker more now.

So I guess my question is, going with a handheld with it help me being a more consistent or better shot ?? Also so many of them on the market how the hell u pick one to shoot ?? Sorta not looking at it being a thumb rather just shooting a back tension . Ty

From: WhattheFOC
The hardware won’t make you a better shooter. But how you operate the new release might.

A couple years ago, I completely renovated my shot process (similar to what Pat wrote about in his article). I chose to switch to a handheld at the same time, but the process change could have been done with my old IT release.

From: Jaquomo

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I switched to the Spott Hogg Keeton hybrid last spring after watching Rancy Ulmer's video on it. Has made a huge difference for me, but everyone is different.

I made the switch 4 years ago after 20+ years with wrist release zero regrets. My son was just getting into archery and I started him from the beginning on hand held, was best decision I have made. Its not as big a transition as people make it out to be in my opinion, its helped me considerably and has slowed down my process a bit. Whatever way you go best of luck.

From: greg simon
I switched from wrist strap to hand held about 10 years ago. I really like it. I use a Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 finger release.

From: Highlife
I'll stick with my Scott mongoose. Tried the handhelds if I want a punch in the nose or mouth I'll start a bar fight :(

From: midwest
If you don't want a thumb trigger hand held, then you're looking at either a resistance activated or a hinge. For a resistance, take a look at Dudley's Silver back, Carter Evolution, or any of the Stan offerings. I have the original Silverback. For a hinge, I REALLY like my TruBall HBC Flex I just got off AT classifieds but there are several other good ones. I've been shooting a TruBall HT for the last 3 seasons but they don't make that one anymore. The TruBall Goat is another one that has been getting great reviews for years and it can be switched between a thumb trigger and hinge activated.

I highly recommend getting on AT classifieds and finding one. If you don't like it, you can usually sell it for pretty much what you paid for it.

From: GFL
Absolutely No

From: ILbowhntr
I disagree that hardware won’t make you a better shooter. Switched last year from a mongoose to a Wise Choice. I was so used to a wrist release that I was passing and punching. Even using back tension, I still ended up punching the trigger. After making the switch, it forced me to aim and pull through the shot. If you set it up correctly and put in some time, it will make you a better shooter.

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