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From: 70lbDraw
So I’m at that age where I need reading glasses for books, manuals, computer work, etc. as with most of us these days I wear them at work all day long. I also use them for work in the garage, shooting guns, bows, etc. I always take good care of them so they don’t get scratched or broken. I prefer the ones that have the bifocal readers incorporated in them for convenience sake. My problem is finding a pair that can handle daily use without losing the nose piece, cracking the bridge, or losing an ear piece. Have any of you found a brand that is comfortable and durable enough to live up to the task? Thanks.

Are you self-employed?

I used to wear safety glasses all day long at work, and since they were necessary to do the work, my employer was responsible for supplying me with a pair, because Prescription. And if you need glasses, you can get a prescription.

The rules are probably different for smaller businesses and they have probably changed since I last checked, but you might look into it as a work benefit. If nothing else, there ought to be a bit of tax relief since it’s necessary for your employment.

From: Scrappy

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I've been using these for work and home for years.

From: Murph
Nemesis for fit and function but they scratch pretty easily as do most IMO you can’t expect much longevity for the price point they are at

From: DanaC
Bring your prescription to Walmart if your local has an eyeware dept. Reasonable prices, good quality, have used them for years.

From: Coyote 65
Second Walmart. When I was working on aircraft I had a pair with the reading perscription on both the top and bottom of the lense. That way if I was doing some close work above my head I could see well.


From: HDE

From: Chuckster

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Back in my aerospace days I wore these. They come in different strengths.

From: 70lbDraw
Thanks for the input. Much appreciated! I’m not self employed anymore, and I don’t have a prescription. It’s just the typical old-guys eyes. I just need the low magnification for reading purposes. I think I’ll be able to take advantage of the company benefits for safety purposes.

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