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MA-PAdeerslayer 10-Dec-23
midwest 11-Dec-23
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xtroutx 23-Dec-23
From: midwest
I've never owned a CBE sight. Looking at the Pro Micro 3V. Just looking for reviews on CBE sights in general.

From: Native Okie
I’m interested as well.

From: greg simon
I’ve seen using a CBE Tek Hybrid for 10 years. Very well built sight.


Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
I have the CBE Engage Hybrid and really like it. Prior to that I had the CBE Tech Hybrid and I really liked that sight too but the Engage has some improvements.

From: 32Timbers
I had a tek hybrid. It was a nice sight. I had bought it to save some weight from using a Hoggfather. I did not really care for the smaller sight tape. I like the bigger wheel and ended up putting back on the hoggfather.

I have the engage hybrid… love it.

From: Starfire
Owned by the Outdoor Group. Made overseas. The ones I've seen seem like good quality.

Pretty solid too I might add….mine too a spill out of the side by side on a pile of rocks driving up to the house one night….couple scratches but other than that, perfect. Think it slid about 30-40’ down the hill based on when we thought we heard something fall out but attributed it to kicking up a rock…

From: midwest
Thanks guys. The only bad reviews I've read were regarding pin brightness being a little lacking but that was on .010 fibers. I always get .019.

If MBG would come out with a 3 pin vertical, I'd be all over it.

...and I'm sure they will as soon as I buy something else.

The .019 pins on my CBE Engage are amazingly bright.

FYI, the CBE Engage is on Camofire today.

From: xtroutx
I seen that on camofire this morning. 30%off. I have been looking at the engage site by CBE for a while and finally ordered one today. Price is hard to beat.

From: Bill in MI
Nick, back a few years ago I had the Tek Hybrid, I remember the pins not being particularly bright also, I found that if in the heat of the moment, you can turn the dial the wrong way and drop the entire sight pin/ring housing right out of the sight. There was no safety. Probably would never be an issue, but I could see myself doing that while trying to dial in on the bull of my dreams. I went with a different sight after I figured that out.

The newer Engage sight pins are much brighter than the older Tek Hybrid pins. I have both sights.

I can't imagine ever turning the dial so far that the sight would fall apart...

From: xtroutx
I just got my CBE engage micro yesterday. Installed it today. I got the 5 pin like Mike shows above. I have shot single pin for years so it a different view for me. I got the 019 pins, and they are extremely bright. I have sub-par eyesight. It is a very dull foggy day here and the pins are more than bright enough to not even use the lite that comes with it. I will shoot at low light tomorrow and see. Seems like a very durable sight and quality built. So far, I am pleased.

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