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Panther Bone 10-Dec-23
Rgiesey 10-Dec-23
Bowboy 10-Dec-23
wildwilderness 10-Dec-23
Panther Bone 11-Dec-23
molsonarcher 11-Dec-23
Ward's Outfitters 22-Dec-23
From: Panther Bone
Hey, guys

Anybody got any leads on a diy coues hunt? I’ve killed a few with Ward’s, and he’s great. I’ve successfully desert hunted on my own some too.

I’ve not been on here much the last couple years. Went through a nasty divorce and lost it all. Been rebuilding with The Lord’s help. I haven’t been on a hunt the last few years between losing my dad and divorce. So, I’m ready to get back out and coues season is approaching…so,

I know of Jay Scott’s operation, but if anybody else knows of some diy opps holler if you will. Would love to get back to Ole’ Mexico too; done it and not afraid to do it again.

I’m gonna enjoy being back here. Somebody has to keep an eye on you fellas!??


From: Rgiesey
You have to buy a tag when they go on sale. Already have bought next year tag

From: Bowboy
Like stated you have buy a tag. Did you buy one when they were available? They sold out pretty quickly.

Put in for the NM draw next spring

From: Panther Bone
They sold out. I’d been out of the game and didn’t realize there were changes made. I’ve successfully hunted the bow rut during Jan. on my own.

From: molsonarcher
Your only option now will be with an outfitter, AZ is out of reach for you until next October draw (I think October)

Some Mexico outfitters may have openings, but I wouldnt count on DIY there. Most likely guided.


Reach out !!

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