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Negative outfitter reviews
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ki-ke 11-Dec-23
JTreeman 11-Dec-23
Bushbound 11-Dec-23
BrentC 11-Dec-23
Bou'bound 13-Dec-23
From: ki-ke
Is there anything better?? lol. I freely admit, they're my guilty pleasure on this site. I love that Pat allows the outfitters to provide feedback. Hearing what is usually the truth about why the hunter sucked always makes for good reading.

Case in point..."Pete Rose"...I'm not jokin', look to the right, just posted a review of his elk hunt with Cody Carr.....FROM 2006! I bet Pete didn't win that bet! HAHA!!

From: JTreeman
The ones where the outfitter responds are definitely better.

I also find it kinda interesting how many of the reports are for rifle hunts.


From: Bushbound
Says Hoyt RX7 on top but then said his implement was a rifle. The whole review seems off.

From: BrentC
I read that the other day. 2006 good grief. Went back and read Cody’s other bad reviews. His responses seem more realistic and reasonable than most of the bad reviews.

From: Bou'bound
Must have been a prototype Hoyt rx7 back in 2006

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