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Zombie Deer Disease
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Bowboy 23-Dec-23
nchunter 23-Dec-23
Jaquomo 23-Dec-23
MA-PAdeerslayer 23-Dec-23
fuzzy 24-Dec-23
From: Bowboy

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Never heard of this disease. Just what WY needs with winter kill catastrophe.

From: nchunter
It sounded like cwd to me

From: Jaquomo
CWD. Click bait. Another attempt by the media to sensationalized it. Instead of saying, "Doesn't concern scientists over possible spread to humans, they removed the "doesn't".

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy a delicious medium-rare steak tonight. Untested.

I had the same tonight Lou… more twords rare and delicious. Last pack of elk steaks from my buddies father from last year! Just as delicious as when he got home!

From: fuzzy

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